Outfit: The All Weather Skirt

Holiday Spots 4.jpg

I’m going to be completely honest here. I don’t really have anything to say in this post. I keep looking at the photos and hoping some words will come to me, but nope. Nothing. Well, thats not strictly true. I can think of a billion things to say. About how much I miss being on holiday. About how they remind me how happy it makes me to feel the warm sun on my skin late into the evening. About how the drawing in of dark nights is really getting to me in a bad way. But I’m pretty sure you both know and are bored of hearing all about that already.

So what is a blogger to do? Chalk it up to experience and scrap the lot? Hells no. It’s still a cute outfit, after all. So here it is, in all it’s glory, and I’ll just have to find a way to ramble through somehow…

Holiday Spots 2Holiday Spots 6Holiday Spots 5Holiday Spots 3Holiday Spots 9Holiday Spots 10Holiday Spots 8Holiday Spots 7Holiday Spots

It actually seems a little odd seeing this skirt as part of a Summery outfit, which sounds immediately stupid to me seeing that sentence in writing because it is clearly the perfect Summer skirt – short, floaty, spotty and fun. Short being the operative word, though, so it’s one of those pieces I don’t often have the courage to wear in sunny old England. Even if I did, it’s rare that it is warm enough anyway, and with a wardrobe full of pretty sun dresses I want to trot out when the sun shines, this skirt gets pushed to the back of the queue. Don’t feel too sorry for it though, because it still gets plenty of wear – it’s actually one that I reach for most often in the colder months though, and is most often worn with tights like it was last seen here. This brings it’s own set of challenges, of course. I don’t really believe in the old adage about never wearing navy and black together (in fact, it’s one of many fashion ‘rules’ I laugh in the face of…) but navy can sometimes be tricky to colour match in outfits. When wearing black tights, a black top does just fine, however with bare legs a black top looks a little too heavy for such a fun and flirty skirt. And white doesn’t quite work either, because those spots are actually a subtle shade of pink. So the top I’m wearing it with here was actually bought specifically for the purpose of wearing with this skirt! Though you can never have too many bardot tops in my opinion, and I have plenty of breton striped bottoms to wear it with also!

Oh, look at that, I managed to find something to ramble about after all! Sadly I don’t think being able to talk at length about skirts will get me all that far in life, but still, it’s nice to have a skill even if it’s a pointless one!



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