Fantasy Friday – Oscar De La Renta Sequin Dress

Well, isn’t this just the most adorable little party frock you ever did see?!

Oscar Sequin Dress
Oscar De La Renta Sequin Dress, £4732

I’m finding it very difficult right now to ignore all the sparkle that’s hitting the shops, because I really do have enough party frocks to cater for all occasions now and can’t justify buying any more. Doesn’t harm to look at ones I don’t have a hope in hell of ever owning though, does it?? And I can’t think of a better fantasy party dress than this one!

It’s very reminiscent of the hot pink, big skirted creation made famous in Sex and the City, so there’s no surprise I love it. This time though the style is a bit shorter and cuter, with definitely a young, fun vibe rather than the grown up sophistication I’d normally associate with the label. It surprised me basically. Normally, when scrolling through the stunning gowns over there I struggle to pick one out to feature as they’re all as gorgeous as the next one, but this one immediately jumped out as different.

Now, let’s talk about those sequins, shall we? We all know I love a good sequin, but there is something just that little bit more special about these, which are larger than normal, and layered to create a fish scale kind of effect. I love how it creates a retro, almost 60’s vibe, and that shade of pink is just adorable. Imagine being the girl that gets to wear this dress to the office Christmas party? With everyone blending into the background in the same old gold or silver sparkle? Talk about making an entrance!

To be fair, I don’t suppose the girl that can afford this dress has an office Christmas party to go to. Still, it’s nice to dream!




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