Moments of Weakness – October

Guys, I have not been well behaved this month. Let’s just get that out there right now. Despite the fact I’ve just had a holiday, moved house, and that Christmas is just around the corner – all things that suggest I should really be trying to save the pennies right now – I have splurge, splurge, splurged! Oopsie!

I’m partly blaming the season change – every year is the same, despite all my efforts the year before to perfect my Winter wardrobe, after a few months of ignoring my warmer clothes altogether I come back to them in the Autumn and declare them all instantly unacceptable and start falling for all the shiny new things in the shops. I will not part with them though, oh no, I will want to keep them, but just add ALL THE NEW THINGS as well. And this is why my new housemate is starting to regret asking me to move in with him, since we’ve already set up an overflow in the spare room, and I haven’t even finished transporting everything over from my Mum and Dad’s…. There was also the aforementioned holiday to Tenerife, and anyone who knows me knows it would be unreasonable to expect me to head to a Spanish country and not take advantage of some discounted Zara clothing. It’s just basic fact, so……

All joking aside, while I have ‘accidentally’ acquired a few new things since my last Moments of Weakness post, I am pretty chuffed to report that I’m declaring them all bargains, with the most expensive costing me just over £30, so as hard as I’m trying to feel bad, I just can’t. BECAUSE I GOT NEW PRETTIES! And I love them. So there!

First up the holiday purchases, and the most exciting of all:

October Weakness 8

Yes, here are those beautiful embroidered ankle boots I wrote about here. I can’t say I had a specific plan to buy them over there, but they were definitely in the back of my mind when we headed out on our first shopping trip out there (and yes, I did make Dan Google where the nearest Zara was on the first night, which happily was in a huge shopping mall a 10 minute walk from out hotel!!) When I saw that they were just 35 euros vs the £39.99 they are here in the UK it was a done deal – that equates to just over £30 so nearly a tenner off, and I wasn’t going to walk away without making the most of that!

Next up, these rather cute polka dot trousers:

October Weakness 4.jpg

This store, Lefties, was a new discovery to me. The clothing was a similar style to maybe New Look or Forever 21 so a little on the young side for me on the whole, yet like it’s British counterparts still worth a look for some excellently priced basics or a one off party outfit. The prices in Euros were on a par with Primark, which obviously pleased me greatly! I’ve been planning on adding a pair of these loose fit trousers to my collection as they are just so darn comfy, and these were ideal, especially as the price was just 11 euros! They made the perfect travel outfit for the trip home too!

Next, and it was actually Stradivarius that impressed me the most this time rather than Zara, which surprised me, because while I’m aware of the Brand it’s not one that has ever excited me all that much. I ended up with two purchases from them, starting with this one:

October Weakness 1

Red is a colour that really suits me, yet I don’t own a huge amount of red clothing which is odd. Luckily it’s enjoying a bit of a ‘moment’ this Winter so the opportunities to right that wrong have been endless! This blouse is made of a lovely, silky fabric that feels great against the skin and it’s a really easy way to look smart for work without putting much effort in (always a win in my book, especially with my new early starts to contend with!) The second purchase, which I actually made a special trip to buy towards the end of our holiday, was this tartan shirt dress:

October Weakness 2

I’ve been admiring a few of these bright red and blue plaid prints on some of my favourite bloggers and had been hoping to add some to my own collection. I actually didn’t recognise this in the product photo on the website as I think it looks far nicer in real life, and I’m super happy with the style, which is the perfect off duty look for the weekend, or even a more casual day at work – my favourite was to style it so far is cinched in at the waist with a belt and paired with ankle boots.

When I got home, I discovered Oasis were having a sale, and we all know how that normally turns out….:

Oopsie, what can I say? I just can’t stop myself from buying Oasis shell tops, they are just so bloody perfect for all occasions! I was especially excited to add a little Christmassy glitz with the black and gold one as I have a few low key events to go to this year where my usual big skirt and heels combo won’t be appropriate. I also couldn’t resist that cute long sleeved top, as long sleeves are at a bit of a shortage in the ‘nice tops’ portion of my wardrobe, and I just can’t seem stop lusting over cutesy collars at the moment. Unlike the other three, I actually scored this one on eBay for just £1.99, so that one has to go down as bargain of the month!

Lastly, also on eBay, I bagged this little beauty:

October Weakness 9

A friend of mine had this Zara lace crop top last year and ever since I’ve kept coming back to it when thinking of alternative ways of styling my high waisted skirts on a night out. It must have been a bit of a cult item at the time, as even now there seemed to be a lot of bidders on the look out for one and I’ve been scuppered a few times previously, but this time I was victorious, getting the winning bid in at £13!

Now, I’m not sure I can promise to be better this month because SEQUINS! SEQUINS & GLITTER EVERYWHERE! But I have got the Christmas shopping off to a start, so hopefully that will keep my wandering eye distracted for a while.

LOLZ. You are laughing too, right?

Be good!



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