Outfit: The Unexpected Dress of my Dreams

Botanical Dress 6

I have an eclectic sense of style, it’s true. Not that I’m particularly kooky or off the wall, you understand, but I change my tastes as often as I change my knickers. I’m fickle, you could say. One day I’m all about the retro 50’s look, and the next I’m obsessing over a-line minis or boyfriend jeans. I guess it’s partly because I’m a pretty indecisive person at heart, and I’m also easily bored by repetition – I like to keep things interesting, and fashion, for me, is no exception. That said, there are one or two styles I always find myself going back to, because no matter how easily my head is turned by a new trend, they are shapes that I feel comfortable in. I’m long enough in the tooth now to know what suits me and makes me feel really good about myself. And up until a few weeks ago, if you’d asked me to describe the perfect outfit, it would have looked a hell of a lot like this….


Oh yes. There is a definite theme here when it comes to outfits I feel glamourous in, for sure!! All nipped in at the waist and big in the skirt. That was the winning formula for me. I would happily have worn a pretty pencil dress of a chic shift, but I would never feel quite so good as when wearing the pouffiest of skirts.

And then Oasis released their Royal Worcester collection, and my head was turned in a different way. I was enthralled the first time I ever saw the Sadie Wrap dress, and yet I told myself it was not quite me. This was not the kind of dress I looked good in, no matter how good it looked in theory. True, it had a stunning, vintage style print. True, it had the sultry off the shoulder look I was really starting to come around to. But it was also made of jersey, which I was convinced would cling awkwardly to my prone-to-bloating tum and skim my ‘shapely’ thighs in a none too flattering way. I deemed it too ‘slinky’ for me. It was destined, I thought, to be one of those frocks I adored but could never wear.

Somehow though I couldn’t shift that dress from my consciousness, so when I saw it for a bargain price on eBay I decided it was worth a shot, because it was just SO. DAMN. PRETTY. And what do you know – turns out I’ve been wrong the whole time. I CAN wear slinky dresses! And feel fan-bloody-tastic in them! I HAVE A CLEAVAGE! WHO KNEW??? I’m not quite sure I can put my finger on what is so great about Sadie, but it’s just one of those rare pieces that looks like it was made for you, and I’m so glad I gave in to temptation and took a chance on something I’d have previously overlooked.

Botanical Dress 8Botanical Dress 3Botanical Dress 7Botanical Dress 4Botanical Dress 5Botanical Dress 1Botanical Dress 2

I guess the moral of the story is not to disregard things to quickly and to give them a chance. This could be a dangerous new motto though, when it comes to shopping. Oh the possibilities…..!



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