Saturday Shopping – Royal Worcester Collaboration @ Oasis

People – I’m afraid to tell you that it just isn’t safe to go near Oasis anymore.

It’s always been a bit of a threat to the old bank balance has Oasis, with the constant parade of beautiful pieces taunting me from the shop window and the regular emails they send me (yeah, I really should cancel that newsletter subscription…) but things are just getting silly now. I’m pretty sure they are one of the most featured High Street brands on here, and are definitely one of my all time favourites thanks to their ability to produce classic styles with a modern edge, season after season. Their biggest strength though over the last few years has definitely been prints. Their standard ranges have always been strong in this area, but where they have really shone is their collaborations, and this latest one is a shining example.

This time they have paired up with The Museum of Royal Worcester and taken inspiration from the china archive to produce an absolutely stunning range of vintage style floral prints. This one also resonates with me because Royal Worcester has it’s roots firmly based in the West Midlands where I live, so extra bonus points for provenance! Now, I know I’ve said it before, but yet again, I literally couldn’t think of a range more suited to my tastes – I think this one is my all time favourite. No, I really mean it this time you guys!! I’ve told you before that I’m often made fun of for my love of fabrics that look like Grandma’s curtains – well, why stop at soft furnishings? I’ve always been a bit of a fancier of vintage tea sets, so the idea of lifting those pretty patterns right off the china and placing it on a beautiful skirt or dress?? Oh hells yeah, let me at them!! Thing is though, there are so many of the darn things that even if I allow myself to buy just one item, it will definitely all be sold out by the time I manage to make a decision. I mean, just look what happened with the On To Points? It’s inevitable.

If you think you’re more capable of applying sense and reason to a purchase, you can find my personal favourite pieces below BUT…. Be warned! Reading any further may cause serious and lasting issues with your will power. You can find all of these and more here, but don’t say I didn’t warn you…!

See what I mean?? If I was forced to decide, I’d probably have to go with one of those cold shoulder dresses, but I’m not exaggerating when I say it would cause me sleepless nights having to leave the rest behind! I mean, china comes in sets right? Aren’t you supposed to collect them all?

How about you, which one would you choose?






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