Fantasy Friday – Kate Spade Bow Tweed Coat

Guys, it happened. I finally found some Winter-wear that makes me feel happy! I guess the denial is wearing off and I’ve finally accepted that it’s time to start wrapping up and embracing the change of the season. And what better way to embrace it than with the prettiest of coats??

I have lusted after a Kate Spade coat ever since Zooey Deschanel started flaunting them in every other episode of New Girl. I’ve struggled a little with coats in recent years, finding the androgynous shapes that are popular now completely wrong on me, and always find myself yearning for something a bit more feminine and flattering. Kate has always managed to nail this, with her retro yet modern styles, and she’s never been one to shy away from using colour in what sometimes feels like an endless sea of black and grey at this time of year. Of course it also helps that they are often adorned with one of her signature bows!

Bow Tweed Coat
Kate Spade Bow Tweed Coat, £460

This one is a perfect specimen – made of a lovely ladylike tweed in the sweetest of sugar pink shades, I love the classic shape of this rather darling coat. Topped with a sweet black bow and just three large black buttons, it has a bit of a 60s vibe going on which I’m totally on board with. I can completely imagine myself trotting down Carnaby street in thick black tights and a backcombed chignon, if only I owned that coat. That me sounds a lot cooler than current me. I really want to be friends with that me…

Sadly, that is NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN because I can’t see a day when I’ll have nearly £500 to drop on a coat. And let’s face it, I would only have some sort of disaster in it, like falling on my ass into a muddy puddle during rush hour, because that’s the kind of thing that happens to me whilst wearing pastel coloured clothing!

Still, a girl can dream!



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