Saturday Shopping – Darling Day Dresses @ Nobody’s Child

Once the dark draws in and it starts getting too rainy and cold to wear shoes any more, my Winter uniform very quickly turns to the old reliable ‘little dress and boots’ combo. It’s a tried and tested method that I can see myself returning to again and again, because it just never seems to go out of style. It’s also so darn easy – for some reason, even though you literally just threw it on over a pair of tights, people seem to have the idea that you have made more effort when you’re wearing a dress. In my eyes, it’s actually far easier and less hassle to pull out a little day dress than it is to style a pair of jeans and a jumper, and yet people will automatically class me as ‘more together’ when wearing the former. True fact. I guess that could also be down to the fact that for some reason I just CANNOT make jeans and a jumper look stylish, but that’s a story for another day… Anyway, as a result, I have a multitude of them, and have absolutely no need whatsoever to buy any more. Cue photographic evidence…:

So you can imagine the crippling combination of joy and annoyance I felt when I stumbled across the brand Nobody’s Child recently, who seem intent on forcing me to fill what tiny crevices I have left in my wardrobe with YET MORE little day dresses! I first spotted the odd frock or two on ASOS, and liked what I saw, so I thought I’d look them up to see what else they had on offer. Big mistake. HUGE! Because I found this little lot…:

Yes. Basically my Winter uniform in various tantalising prints and styles. I don’t have room for another 12 day dresses. And yet I now feel like I urgently need another 12 day dresses, especially those little ruffled wrap dresses, which seems to be a particular specialty of theirs.

The best thing about them so far though is that they appear to be very reasonably priced, which means it’s not completely impossible that I could maybe get just one of those ruffled wrap dresses. But which one, I ask you?? Anybody tried these out yet? Are they as good as they appear? I’d welcome any reviews!

You can find all these treats and more here.



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