Saturday Shopping – Perfect Plaid @ Collectif Clothing

For lots of people, tartan instantly conjures images of Scotland and the Highlands, but for me it is simply synonymous with Winter. Just as I always naturally reach for Breton stripes or florals in the Spring, when it starts getting cold outside I always find myself lusting after plaid prints. There is something about the deep Autumnal colours that just makes me think of roaring open fires and cosy cottage evenings, making tartan seem like the perfect choice for this time of year. Of course it never hurts that the reds and greens are pretty festive too!

Tartan prints are pretty darn easy to get your hands on right now, but for me there is a definite winner when it comes to producing the best, and that’s Collectif. All of my favourite styles seem to have a plaid version available at the moment and it doesn’t half make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! Here are some of my favourites:


Already owning quite a few Collectif frocks, including, in fact, the Mimi dress featured here, I can definitely vouch for their quality and general all round loveliness, and seeing them all clustered together like this is making my spending urges go into overdrive! Look how warm and gorgeous those Autumnal shades look all together. I’ve been lusting after the Caterina Sherwood dress for a while now, and this is not helping. I’m also crazy about the pretty hues on that Harper skirt, and having admired the Bonnie trousers for some time, I’m thinking a tartan version may well be the perfect first pair! SO MANY CHOICES!!

Which would be coming home with you if it was your decision? Head on over here if you want to make some of them yours, but don’t be surprised if there aren’t many left, ’cause I want them ALL!!



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