Fantasy Friday – Miu Miu Satin & Crystal Pumps

Oh hello….

Well aren’t these just darling?

Miu Miu 2
Miu Miu Satin Pumps, £645

It’s been 5 weeks since I featured a pair of shoes on Fantasy Friday. 5 WEEKS?? What is happening? I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHO I AM ANYMORE!! Anyway, I thought it was about time I righted that wrong, and what a pair of shoes to break the cycle, huh?

Miu Miu is one of those labels that I actually don’t often find myself lusting after, shoes wise. They are up there with the best of them when it comes to iconic shoes, yet often they are just a little too ‘out there’ for me. These actually are almost borderline too much, and yet there is something extremely appealing about them. There is something almost Edwardian about the style while still looking really modern, and I have to say, I’m liking the combination! I mean, pearls, crystals, ice blue satin…. what more could a girl want??

Oh wait…..

Miu Miu Satin Pumps, £795

These ones are EVEN NICER!! Those jewel tones really work in satin, and there is something about that crystal clasp that is just a little classier somehow. Basically I want them. I want all of them. I kind of just want all three because the colours look so nice together, I could line them up like ornaments. That’s not weird though, right? Just me? Oh, ok then….!

Luckily for the savings account I can’t even afford one pair, never mind three! Just imagine how pretty my shoe shelves would look though…





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