Reasons to be Cheerful – Decking the Halls

Crimbo 2

As I’ve noted hundreds of times before on this blog, moving back into my parent’s spare room 2 years ago having called off a wedding and moved out of my beloved home, was beyond hard. Whilst there are obvious upsides – lack of rent and bills to pay and a fully stocked fridge being just a couple – it’s a real adjustment going back to sharing your space when you are so used to having a place of your own. I missed having my own things around me incredibly, and this was never more apparent than at Christmas.

I am a huge lover of Christmas. I love listening to Christmas songs, decorating my home, baking gingerbread and watching festive movies under a snuggly blanket. It all makes me feel the warm and fuzzies and I had lots of little rituals I loved running through once December hit. My family, on the other hand, largely fall into the contingent that find Christmas a bit of a bore, and so have never felt quite the same levels of excitement as me about putting up the tree or making paper chains while swigging Baileys and singing all the old songs. In my family home the tree goes up at the last possible minute and is seen as a chore, and taking it down again in January induces sighs of relief all round. They aren’t alone in this – plenty of people around the world feel the same way, but it doesn’t really help someone who enjoys the festive season get into the spirit!

This year though is the first year in our new house, and our first official Christmas together, and I could not be more excited! The day we actually decorated our tree I didn’t quite register quite how much, because it was the Sunday the snow came and I only had a quick half an hour to do it before we had to pack up for the week and dash back to Birmingham before the freezing temperatures and inevitable travel disruptions meant we couldn’t get to work. The whole time all I could do was worry who would be turning up the next day and what I’d do if I had no team in, so it was only really when we got home on Friday that it dawned on me. I have a home to decorate and make pretty! I’m going to cook my first ever Christmas dinner! We’re going to go for a drink in our local on Christmas Eve and then snuggle up in front of an open fire and a Christmas film. This might be the first of many Christmases in this house, and the things we do this week might become traditions for years to come. Even our tree, which Dan bought last year when we had just started to get back together, is one of those living trees that will grow with us. He is still quite small in stature (yes, he. He has a name and everything. Timmy, in case you were wondering…) but I love him all the same!

Crimbo 3Crimbo 1

So, there is one week to go. Right now I still have a few gifts to get, I haven’t wrapped anything, I’ve no idea when we’re going to get the food shopping and we have guests over the weekend even before the big day itself, so I give it all of another 48 hours before I start freaking out! But for now I’m just enjoying the thought that I can finally make Christmas my own again, and that I have someone special to share it with.

Hope your plans are all coming together and you’re as excited as me!


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