Festive Glitter Nails

Glitter Nails 1

I don’t write beauty posts all that often, in case you haven’t noticed. It’s because, to be frank, I haven’t got a blinkin’ clue what I’m talking about when it comes to beauty techniques and products. Seriously, I was shopping with my sister the other day and nearly mistook some beauty blenders for sex aids! It was kinda embarrassing. Hang on – now I feel the need to explain that I wasn’t actually shopping for sex aids. It wasn’t like I picked up a packet, got home, and was all, ‘Darn it!! These are just make-up sponges!!’ I actually saw them, did a double take and… oh forget it. I’m not making this any better am I, so I’m just gonna move on…! Yeah, despite the fact I first started experimenting with make-up at least 20 years ago, I really don’t know a fat lot. I know the basics of course, but I largely slap it on my face and hope for the best, and it usually turns out ok, but mainly because I haven’t tried to do anything remotely creative.

Nails though, are an area I don’t mind spending a bit more time on. I’m not sure why. Perhaps it’s a hangover from my nail art days, or the fact I wasn’t able to wear nail polish for so many years when I managed pubs. Or maybe it’s simply because I’m a little lazy, and unlike your face, you don’t have to take your nails off every night and start all over again the next morning! Either way, I’m pretty much always rocking something on my nails, and you can bet your life it will be something festive once we hit the party season.

Normally, they will be red and glittery. Much like The Christmas Shoes, you can bet that my beloved sparkly red nail polish will be trotted out at some point over the Christmas weeks. I can’t bring myself NOT to wear it, since there aren’t many other points in the year when it seems so appropriate, but this year I picked up another Christmassy polish on a whim and decided to try something a bit different to my normal repertoire, and here’s how they turned out:

Glitter Nails 2

It’s not exactly a groundbreaking or difficult look, but it’s one that gives a nice nod to the season, I think! As always I used my trusty Essence gel base and top coat – a must when using glitter polishes. My chosen glitter colour is Barry M’s ‘Ruby Slippers’. I’ve just about forgiven them for discontinuing my original favourite ‘Red Glitter’, which was chunkier and glitzier if memory serves, and though this one isn’t quite as good it does give a nice, subtle glow. A base coat of red is required though, as the glitter is very fine. Any will do, though I’ve used Avon’s Nailwear Pro+ in ‘Real Red’ which gives nice coverage without too many coats. Normally that would have been it, but while picking up some stocking fillers in Poundland the other day I spotted a very festive red, gold and green glitter top coat that I couldn’t resist, so I decided to add it to my ring fingers for just another little touch of Christmas spirit! Poundland isn’t usually the place I’d go for nail polish of course, but I figured for a polish I’m only going to get out at Christmas it’s worth a go for £1!

It’s actually started getting me thinking about nail art again though. I’m getting all in the mood to start painting snowflakes and holly leaves on my nails! God knows why, because I don’t have time to get my wrapping done, never mind start fannying around with nail art pens, but that’s the procrastinator in me for you!

Any festive design ideas for me to try?





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