Outfit: If It Aint Broke….

If It Aint Broke 9

You know how last week I told you that wasn’t the last time I’d be posting a big skirt and cami combo? Well, just a couple of weeks after that event, I had another awards ceremony to go to (I know – two awards ceremonies in as many months – who do I think I am, J-Law or something??) and this time I decided to wear…..

Drum roll please…..

Oh forget it, you know what I wore. I wore a big skirt and cami combo. It’s not even a skirt I haven’t featured before. I wore this very same skirt to one of my Christmas parties last year. In fact, I wore it in pretty much the same outfit altogether! Okay, so it’s a cami this time instead of a bardot top, but the look is basically the same. I make no apologies though, sometimes a look just works, and if that’s the case, why fix it? I almost didn’t share these pictures it was so similar to last time, but that was a whole year ago now, and it would be a mighty shame not to share such a beauty again, especially since I’ll probably wear it pretty much the same next time too….

I did change one thing about the outfit this time though, namely the shoes, which irritatingly arrived just a couple of days after I wore it the first time. I spent weeks commiserating the fact that they were such a perfect match – life is cruel sometimes. I had to wait a whole year to get the opportunity to finally wear them together. It was worth the wait though, even if I couldn’t muster up the creativity to wear them with something other than a black top…

If It Aint Broke 1If It Aint Broke 3If It Aint Broke 7If It Aint Broke 2If It Aint Broke 4If It Aint Broke 5If It Aint Broke 8If It Aint Broke 6

Oh well, maybe next time!



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