Don’t Hate Me ‘Cause I Don’t Hate Christmas…

Lots of people hate Christmas. It’s a fact, and a fact I don’t necessarily fall out with. I don’t really like THE PUBLIC as it is, and there seem to be far more of them getting in the way than usual around Christmas. I’ve written lengthy posts like this one many a time about how much I loathe the sudden influx of amateur drinkers in my beloved pubs. And you can bet your bottom dollar that if someone is already a little bit too chirpy and irritating, they are going to be 10 times worse during the festive period. Oh, and not forgetting how much money and organisation the whole darn thing takes! So my point is, I can completely see why Christmas just isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Why is it, though, that a large contingent of Christmas haters feel the need to piss on our cornflakes and ruin it for those of us that actually do enjoy getting in the Christmas spirit? To be clear – I am most definitely not one of those hyperactive, over excited, over-grown 5 year olds that puts their tree up in October and starts bouncing off the walls at any mention of Santa. I just enjoy the atmosphere. I find the twinkly lights and tinsel pretty and I love the seasonal treats like Baileys and mulled wine and gingerbread. I love listening to the Salvation Army Brass Band playing ‘In the Bleak Mid Winter’ and dancing around like a loon to Mariah Carey with my sister on drunken nights out. I love spoiling my friends and family, baking for them, buying them gifts, spending as much precious time with them as I can while they’re briefly all in the same City. It awakens a happy sense of nostalgia in me that just seems to be unrivalled. Despite the vast expense, the stress at work, the last minute rushes to get everything done, this time of year just makes me feel happy, and I make no apologies for that.

It’s a bit difficult to maintain that sense of happiness though when others seem insistent on bringing you down. When every time you express happiness you’re met with ‘Ugh. I HATE Christmas!’ When every suggestion of a festive activity is met with an eye roll and a look that says, ‘Over my dead body!!’ When all anyone seems to want to tell you is that they CANNOT WAIT for Christmas to be over. You would think at least the present giving process would cheer them up, but no. First you get harrassed to submit a list of things you want, because God forbid they could go and pick something out as a surprise. That’s if you’re lucky – sometimes all you get is, ‘Well don’t expect anything nice from me, because I have noooooo money whatsoever, soooo…!’ Thanks, can’t wait to open it! Soz for making you bankrupt!! I honestly couldn’t give two hoots if my pressie came from Poundland as long as it was thought about and came with a smile!

It’s not even just Christmas really. We seem to have a horrible tendency to want to put a negative spin on anything that’s supposed to be enjoyable these days. It’s your Birthday? Shame your life is passing you by. Keep an eye on those withering ovaries now! Getting married? Goodbye anything that was ever fun beforehand – you aren’t allowed out anymore now, did you know? Having a baby? LOLZ your life is now basically over.

How about we all try and cheer up a little? Life is short, and it’s so much nicer when you try to enjoy it. You don’t have to like Christmas, but can you just let me like it in peace??

Anyway, I hope all my readers, Christmas lovers and haters alike, are having a lovely week regardless.



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