Fantasy Friday – Christian Louboutin So Kate Pailette Sirene

So, it’s the last Friday before Christmas. Work is done for almost a week and the big day is almost here. There is an air of merriment in the air as people switch on their out of offices and prepare to hit the town with their friends to mark the start of Christmas. Once upon a time I’d have been joining the Mad Friday masses, clamouring to get to the bar so I can sink a few festive tipples and sing along tunelessly to Fairytale of New York. Not this year though. This year I’m writing this from under a blanket in my living room with the dog snoring on my lap, nursing a stinking cold and catching up on some Stranger Things. How times change. Do you know what though? It’s not half bad. I’m pretty darn happy with my cosy night in, not worrying about trying not to punch all the amateur drinkers and fighting to get a taxi home. I am pretty narked about my general snottiness right now though, typically arriving just a couple of days before Christmas, so I’ve been cheering myself up by fantasy shopping. More specifically, fantasy shoes shopping. ‘Cause, you know, SHOES.

And what better place to fantasy shoe shop than with the King of shoes himself, Monsieur Louboutin?? It’s been a while since I popped over for a little peruse so I thought I’d take a little look at what treats were on offer. I was certain that I would find something suitably festive to talk about, but I was adamant about one thing – I was not going to post another pair of So Kates. I mean yeah, they’re basically perfect and everything, but how many things can you say about the same pair of shoes – I must have posted every possible variation by now right? But then I saw these:

So Kate Sequins
So Kate Pailette Sirene, Christian Louboutin, £525

So it turns out there isn’t much else I can say about So Kates. Except for this: SEQUINS. Sequins, people. Rose gold sequins.

And I think that says it all, really.

If anyone feels like making a sick girl feel better, feel free to leave a pair of these under my Christmas tree, ok?



2 thoughts on “Fantasy Friday – Christian Louboutin So Kate Pailette Sirene

    1. It’s a great activity for a rainy day! You do need to exercise with caution though, I had to give up fantasy house shopping when I got a bit obsessed with a house that was up for sale on my dream road and was actually a bit gutted when I saw people moving in 😂 I figure fantasy fashion is safe enough though! X

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