December Lust Haves

If I said November was a tough time for a girl who is trying to curb her spending habits, December is even worse… In November, you keep spotting impossibly gorgeous and glitzy things you want, but you’re supposed to be shopping for other people so you aren’t allowed. And even on the odd occasion you do feel tempted to get yourself a little treat, your sister is usually next to you screaming, ‘DON’T YOU DARE BUY ANYTHING!! I HAVEN’T FINISHED SHOPPING FOR YOU YET!!’ But by this point in December, the present buying is all done. Your sister has definitely finished shopping for you and you know what you got. And all those impossibly gorgeous and glitzy things are now in the sale…. But wait. You don’t actually have any money left! DAMMIT!

Yep, the sales are seriously testing my ability to not spend the last few pennies I have left between now and pay day! I struggle at the best of times, but when the shops are taunting me with promises of 50% off it’s near on impossible!

I mean, just look at this dress:

Dec Lust Haves 3
Lace Dress, Cath Kidston, now £80

This is exactly the kind of dress I was cursing myself for not owning all Christmas. We had a few gatherings at our new house where I wanted to wear something festive and pretty, but not look like I was heading out to a nightclub, and for some reason, in my head that mean either red velvet or lace. Without even knowing it, I was basically picturing this exact dress! Now, normally that £120 price tag would have put me right off, but at £80, while still a little more than I’d normally spend, is starting to look very tempting indeed….

Speaking of dresses…:

Dec Lust Haves 2
‘Katherine’ Dress, Dolly and Dotty, now £19.99

This rather gorgeous polka dotted number is by Dolly and Dotty and is currently on sale for just £19.99 which is making it pretty much impossible for me to ignore right now. I mean, we all know I love a polka dot, and when you put them on a 50’s shape with a big full skirt I’m going to want it – selling it for under £20 is pretty much the same as just giving it to me. Seriously Dolly and Dotty, just take my money and leave the dress quietly before I change my mind….

Next up, and something a little less frivolous has been calling to me:

Dec Lust Haves 1
‘Angelique’ Princess Coat, Oasis, now £55

I say less frivolous – I have no need for another coat. But I’ve been hankering after a red one for a while now, and with all the cocoon and androgynous styles being so popular these days it isn’t all that often you see this classic princess shape. My last purchase of a coat (not including eBay bargains…!) was from Oasis, so I know they’re good quality, and £55 seems like a bargain to me – can I hold out and resist?

Also at Oasis:

Dec Lust Haves 5
Cross Body Bag, Oasis, now £22

Come on, as if I wasn’t going to want this! Little cross body bags are my bread and butter, but cute little pastel coloured ones are basically my kryptonite – I’m finding it seriously hard to decide between the pale blue and mint green, though currently the blue is winning only because I still have a tiny bit of sense about me and one of my Kate Spades is a similar colour – I cannot promise this tiny bit of sense will stick around for long though, especially the closer the price gets to £20!

Cue these, which represent no sense whatsoever…:

Dec Lust Haves 6
Embellished Flats, Zara, £49.99

They are absolutely stunning, no question. That bright yellow satin, the beautiful embellishment, a lovely combo of colours you don’t see together all that often – they all come together to create a showstopper of a shoe, and that isn’t something I say very often about flats. But honestly? How often do I find the occasion to wear yellow satin, blinged up flats? In England, where it rains 90% of the time? This still isn’t helping me resist them though, and they aren’t even in the sale. That’s how bad things are getting, folks!


Dec Lust Haves 4
Sequin Ankle Boots, New Look, now £11

Now, I know the brink of January is not really the time to be buying sequinned footwear – did I learn nothing last year??But still, being one of the colder Winters we’ve had in a few years (it has snowed fairly heavily twice here already, which is almost unheard of in The Midlands) I have found it even harder than usual to wear all my glitzy party shoes, and couldn’t help asking myself why none of my boots were a little dressier! These really would help me to keep warm while looking party-ready, and I figure given that they are black they could be worn all year round without looking too out of place. A subtle way to add a bit of glamour to a Winter’s evening down the pub! Also they are only £11, which, lets face it, is ridiculous. £11. That almost makes me feel like I could justify the rose gold version too…..

Now before I end up with both of those and a silver glitter pair to boot I’m going to leave it there! Be good, friends! Though I do look forward to seeing what bargains you manage to score this year!



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