Outfit: Subtle Sequins

Subtle Sequins 4

Every year, the company I work for throws an amazing Christmas party. It’s always a fantastic affair, with themed decorations and food and drink put on by our suppliers. Everyone very much looks forward to it, but it brings with it a challenge. It always starts around 4pm at the end of the working day, with no time for going home to get ready, so if you’re like me and relish the chance to get a bit dolled up, your options are limited. Any outfit worn has to either be work appropriate, or something you can change into quickly in the loos, lest you miss out on the first few free drinks of the night!

Last year, my simple ‘nice top and spangly shoes’ combo went down pretty well, and was relatively stress free, so I went with something similar in this draped sequin top from Oasis. It was super easy to slip it on on top of the cami I’d worn under a jumper for work, and had the added bonus of not creasing sat in my bag all day! I loved that I could wear something festive without being too garish, and the fact that it’s black means it won’t have to languish in the wardrobe until next Christmas. The shape is incredibly flattering, and comfortable to boot, so while I bought it on a bit of a whim I’m thrilled with the way it looks on.

If you’ve been reading since this time last year, you’ll no I have no shortage of glittery shoes following a brief obsession buying every pair I could find in the January sales…! I always feel obliged to get as much wear as I can out of them throughout December and the party season, so it can be hard to decide which ones to wear when, but these petrol blue and purple courts from Dorothy Perkins seemed like the perfect choice. Ironically, these two items are probably the least Christmassy of all my glitzy garments, so could get plenty of wear throughout the rest of the year, but that didn’t stop me feeling nicely festive! Nothing like a healthy does of sparkle to get you in the mood!

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