Reasons to be Cheerful – The Return of the Shoe Shelves

Shoe Shelves 1

This one will seem silly to most I expect, but one of the things that has really been making me smile since moving into our new home is having my shoe shelves back! It’s been two years since I had all of them together in one place and nicely arranged, and it probably seems like the most materialistic claptrap ever, but it really makes me feel good.

Most people don’t really understand why I’d want to own so many pairs of shoes full stop, never mind worry about how they’re displayed to be fair. And to be honest, I’m not entirely sure why it’s important to me either. I obviously like that I have them back again – it was very frustrating having them languishing in storage where I couldn’t wear them or even see them, so maybe that is part of it. Either way, seeing them there, all lined up and co-ordinated, just makes me happy. Picking out a pair of shoes to wear is fun now, rather than just being a case of what I had to hand. It just feels right I’ll even admit that every now and then I pop my head in there just to see how they’re doing…!

So it might seem daft to other people, but I don’t care. And you’ve got to admit, they look pretty awesome all up there together, right?

Shoe Shelves 2



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