Fantasy Friday – Needle & Thread Dragonfly Garden Dress

Well, looks like my hankering for Spring is reaching fever pitch if this latest fantasy lust have is anything to go by – check out all the pretty petals on this beauty!

Dragonfly Dress
‘Dragonfly Garden’ Midi Dress, Needle & Thread, £325

Embroidery has been everywhere this year, which is fine and dandy with me as it’s a look I’m pretty partial to. In fact, just this week I may have ordered two – yes two – delectable embroidered dresses. They are pretty spesh and I was very excited to receive them. I say was, because then I saw this one, and let’s be frank, it’s basically rendered all other embroidered dresses obsolete.

No one quite does this fairytale combination of tulle and embroidery quite like Needle & Thread – there are oodles of stunning frocks to choose from right now, all featuring this wispy, tiered, sheer fabric and stunning intricate floral designs, but this one jumped out at me as the prettiest right now thanks to my desperate desire to see Spring again. I love how romantic the sheer tulle looks, and how beautiful those bright blooms are. I can almost smell the cherry blossom just looking at it. It’s even called ‘Dragonfly Garden’ – have you ever heard anything more Spring-like? I can just imagine myself now, lying under a cherry tree reading a book, a warm breeze in my hair and petals fluttering to the ground around me….




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