Outfit: Country Chic

Country Chic 3

It’s been a bit of an adjustment, moving to the countryside. I’ve had to wean myself off shop bought lattes for a start as you can’t get one of those in my village without getting in the car. And advance planning is definitely required when deciding what to cook for dinner – there are not many emergency ingredient options in our local garage shop! But I can wholeheartedly say I’ve settled in nicely – I’ve even started dressing the part completely by accident! Not that this should be a surprise – I am the girl that specifically saved a seashell print dress to wear on a boat trip and once completely unwittingly bought a striped top and a beret for my move to France. Yes, accidentally dressing like a stereotype is a particular skill of mine it seems (not including all the sailor outfits – they are completely on purpose…) which is probably how this outfit came to be.

This is the only real explanation, because despite owning all of these items for some years now, it never dawned on me to wear them together until I had become a country dweller, enjoying a day full of rural activities like walking the dog (who completely disgraced me by chasing the sheep BTW – evidently Bonnie has more working to do learning the ways of country folk than I do…) and curling up in front of the open fire with a hot chocolate (which we didn’t actually drink in the end, because we’d run out of milk, and as I said earlier, supplies are limited on a Sunday evening. Hmmm, perhaps I’m not as good at this as I first thought…). In fact, I didn’t even consider it a particularly ‘country’ outfit until I received more than a few comments on social media from friends about my new bumpkin-esque style.

Country Chic 2Country Chic 4Country Chic 8Country Chic 6Country Chic 1Country Chic 5Country Chic 10Country Chic 9Country Chic 7

I suppose they have a point. Checked shirt? Tick. Nice, sensible jumper? Tick. All that is missing is the green wellies really, but these OTK boots from Kurt Geiger act as a pretty good substitute, don’t they? They could almost pass for fishing waders if you squint – which is probably the kind of thing my Grandad would have told me! Once upon a time I turned my nose up at ‘layering’ – mainly because I don’t like to acknowledge all things Winter – but I have to admit that it seems to have become a bit of a new obsession of late. I have an inkling you might be about to see an endless parade of similar ‘sweater over shirt’ type outfits in the next couple of months!

Still, it’s a change from an endless parade of tea dresses and boots, right?



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