Fantasy Friday – Dune Be Wedd Embellished Courts

When I was planning a Wedding and frequenting terrifying places like bridal Internet forums and Wedding fayres, I was always hearing brides talk about how hard it was to find Wedding shoes. This confused me, as it wasn’t something I’d thought of as a difficult task – quite the opposite, in fact, it was one I was very much looking forward to! You see, in all of these cases, the women in question were after something ‘special’, but it had to also match the exact shade of off-white that their dress was. Now, I can see that this would be a difficult feat – anyone who has ever been Wedding dress shopping will know there are a millionty-one subtle different varieties of ‘ivory’ for example – but it was never something I was considering. You see, I’d never understood why Wedding shoes had to match the dress. I had no intention of matching my shoes to my dress because I thought it would be a shame for them to just blend in with the background! I wanted everyone to know about my shoes, and so my plan had always been to go with a bright contrasting colour (ironically this year’s ‘colour of the year’ if this old post is anything to go by – look at me, ahead of my time!)

So when I got an email from Dune telling me they’d released a new Bridal collection I wasn’t particularly excited. I mean, I’m not actually in the market for Wedding shoes right now, obviously! And ivory satin just isn’t really my thing. Or so I thought….:

Be Wedd 1Be Wedd 2

‘Be Wedd’ Embellished Courts, Dune, £250

Now, if I actually do end up getting married one day, I don’t think my plan for my shoes would change dramatically – I still really like the idea of a bold, coloured pair that people will notice straight away. But I think I could almost be convinced to make an exception for a pair as beautiful as this! In fact, I think it would be entirely unfair to suggest you could only wear these shoes to get married, because a one time only outing would be a crime! Just look at all that intricate detail cascading down the heel! I’m completely in love with the vintage styling and delicate placement of pearls, and can completely see a Bride in them – particularly with a 50’s style tea-length dress to show them off (especially as every pair has a hidden ‘something blue’ crystal on the sole, which I think is a really sweet touch, by the way…) – but I can’t help wishing they came in some other colours so I could feel a little less weird about wanting them!

Or someone could just ask me to marry them, that would solve everything….. (just kidding Dan!)



2 thoughts on “Fantasy Friday – Dune Be Wedd Embellished Courts

  1. I can completely appreciate this! When I got married, I went with the pop color shoe. Mine were this gorgeous metallic teal (and the bridesmaids were all in teal dresses). In addition to being my something blue, because they weren’t clearly bridal, I’ve worn them several times since. I think you always just go with your gut – much like meeting the right guy, when you meet your shoes, you know. 😉

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