Saturday Shopping – Floral Frocks @ Oasis

In case you hadn’t noticed, when it comes to trying to feel a little more ‘put together’ in the Winter months, a little dress is key to me. Whether dressed down with flat boots and a thick cardigan, or worn smarter with heels and layered with a blazer, it’s the perfect easy option on those dark mornings when you don’t want to get out of bed, never mind think about putting together an outfit! Luckily for me then, they have remained a common feature of Winter ranges for quite a few years now – in fact this isn’t even the first time I’ve written a post dedicated solely to them – and can be bought most of the year round in a variety of colours and styles.

As a result I already own quite a few and am trying my best not to acquire any more (I say trying, but it isn’t going too well, there may already have been at least one little printed dress purchased in the sales this month…) You’d think I have all I need – polka dots, heart prints, stripes and butterflies to name a few – but a pretty floral print remains queen for me, no matter what time of year. Who says florals are for Spring?? Not me! Nothing like some beautiful blooms to take your mind off a dreary day! Especially a classic, vintage ditsy print!

When it comes to both cute little dresses and stunning floral motifs, there is no-one better than Oasis, in my honest opinion, so it should come as no surprise that their latest range of flowery frocks is second to none, and seriously testing my willpower even further! One of my favourite things about Oasis’ collections is that not only do they offer a range of different styles (long sleeved, button through, collared, skater style, fluted – you name it, they got it) they offer a lot of them in both a shorter and a longer hem length, which is great for those of us with specific tastes! Though I will admit to wanting both in quite a few of these…:

Top Row: Butterfly Dress, £49Ditsy Dress, £36Illustrator Dress, £38.40

Second Row: Kimono Dress, £50Magnolia Dress, £48Rosetti Dress, £22

Third Row: Ruby Dress, £58Ruffle Dress, £40Spaced Dress, £46

Bottom Row: Stripes Dress, £46Tatiana Dress, £40Ditsy Tea Dress, £46

Which is your favourite?



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