Outfit: Learning to Love Layers

Layers 4.jpg

Layers – ugh. As soon as Autumn leaves start falling everyone on Instagram goes all YAY! LAYERS!! I have never been one to share their enthusiasm. Mainly because layers are only really necessary when the weather gets cold, and I just can’t make myself be excited about cold weather, full stop. Layers, to me, just equals more – more effort, more bulk, more inches around the belly! The very word makes me feel as though I’m suffocating!

Sadly though, I’m also now past the age where I can pretend I don’t feel the cold, so layers are a must – particularly when you work in an office like mine where there is a complete mico-climate going on (seriously, it might be minus degrees outside during the commute, but by the time the lift has reached the second floor I’m sweating like I’ve just done a spin class in the midst of a tropical heatwave). And that is how this outfit was born!

I bought this shirt dress while on holiday in Tenerife last Autumn and it’s fast become a favourite, normally worn with tights and ankle boots with a belt to cinch it in at the waist. That was not going to cut it on this particular day though, thanks to the snow! So instead of just tights I layered it on top of a pair of black skinny jeans to keep the warmth in! That still wasn’t enough though, so I also added a jumper on top just to be sure. Now, had you asked me what I thought about an outfit made up of jeans, a dress and a jumper I wouldn’t have been keen at all, but I’m actually really pleased with the end result! I was genuinely surprised that all these added layers didn’t make me feel bulky at all, and I was able to stay nice and cosy without feeling like I was carrying an extra tonne of weight on my shoulders! So maybe layers are great after all? Maybe I’ve been doing it wrong this whole time?

Layers 7Layers 3Layers 10Layers 6Layers 2Layers 12Layers 5Layers 1Layers 11Layers 9Layers 13

DISCLAIMER: I obviously also added a coat when we left the house properly!



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