January Lust Haves

….Aaaaand the lust haves just keep on coming! It seems there is nothing that can quench my insatiable lust for shopping, not even a rather shameful month of consuming ALL OF THE SHOES (ahem, more on that later this week…) Still, there is no harm in window shopping as long as you don’t open your purse, right? (Um, does it count as opening your purse if you use Paypal…..? Ok, I was just asking!) So here are a few things I won’t open my purse for this month. Maybe…

First up, this stunning coat by Chi Chi London:

Lust Haves Jan 18 1
‘Dillon’ Coat, Chi Chi London, now £68

When I first spotted this on Lizzie in Lace a couple of weeks ago I genuinely thought it must be Kate Spade. That gorgeous, soft, palest of pale shades of lilac, the ladylike, vintage-style shape, and that adorable bow detail on the sleeve just looked far more expensive to me than something I could hope to afford. So when I realised it was actually not only a UK Brand, but a reasonably priced one and one I already consider a favourite, I’m not ashamed to say I emitted a gleeful little squeal! It shouldn’t surprise me that they’d produce rather beautiful outerwear when their dresses are such perfect, tulle laden works of art. But much like their prettiest of pretty prom dresses, it isn’t exactly a practical purchase – the only thing that has stopped me from buying it so far is that I know I will worry about wearing it in the grey sludge that is British Wintertime without it getting grubby! I haven’t ruled it out though – how could I??

Speaking of the prettiest of pretty prom dresses (and impractical purchases…):

Lust Haves Jan 18 4
Stripe Prom Dress, ASOS, £60

Oh my. Be still, my beating heart! Have you ever seen such a sweet collection of pastel stripes? And all on a rather cute frock! Given my obsessive consumption of all things tea dress shaped in the Winter there has been a bit of a shortage of retro styles on these pages, but fear not! My love of all things 50’s style has not gone, I just find them so much harder to wear in the colder months. Sadly, this dress is a little too on the formal side of things for me to seriously consider buying as I simply have no suitable occasion to wear it to. That doesn’t stop me admiring it though!

Onto something more practical then, and these H&M trousers:

Lust Haves Jan 18 3
Paper Bag Trousers, H&M, £24.99

Back in the Summer I bought these pastel pink trousers in a similar style and said at the time I’d love some in khaki – voila! I love this style and am thrilled they’re in abundance this year – they’re the perfect combination of comfy but smart, making them the ideal trousers for the office. MAKE THEM IN MORE COLOURS PLEASE, H&M!

Next up, check out these bad boys:

Lust Haves Jan 18 2
‘Rhea’ Sandals, Topshop, £46

These are also completely impractical – I have no shortage of red shoes, and these aren’t exactly ‘everyday’ footwear. I have enough trouble getting through the shoes I already own, so I doubt I’ll be buying these right now, but can we just take a moment to admire that rather dramatic bow on the front? I say bow, it’s more a a fan really I guess. Whatever it is, I love it! It’s been a while since I visited the shoe section of Topshop, but I’ll be sure to keep checking in after spotting these!

Lastly, something I can’t promise such restraint for:

Lust Haves Jan 18 5
‘Inviting Sheen’ Velvet Skirt, Chicwish, £35.94

I mentioned last week that I’ve been obsessing over pink, velvet, pleated skirts since seeing numerous Insta-darlings frolicking in them lately. Normally when I find myself lusting after something I saw on Instagram I have to have a word with myself to remind me I am not hip and can’t pull off most of what is ‘trendy’ right now, but this look is one I’m confident I could easily work into my wardrobe, in fact I already have about 100 ideas as to how I’d wear it. I love that the warm velvet fabric is perfect for Winter, but that the pretty pink colour will make it just as appropriate once the weather warms up too! My only problem is, I haven’t found one that is quite right just yet, but this subtle, blush hued version might just be the one. Watch this space!

And with that I better end it there, as I spent enough this month already… oopsie…!

Hope you’ve been better behaved than me!



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