Fantasy Friday – Casadei Blade Bee Print Courts

Insects. Not often the, first thing you would have considered as a ‘cute’ print! I suppose butterflies have had their moments, but still, winged beasts probably wouldn’t be the first thing that came to my mind as a motif for shoes. Still, bees seem to be enjoying a little surge of popularity lately, and I can’t help but find them rather charming! Perhaps it’s because they remind me of lazy Summer days and fields full of wildflowers, or maybe it’s just because they’re a little unexpected. Either way, it’s a trend I’m willing to get on board with. Especially when it looks like this:

Casadei Blade Pump, £550

Now this is not in any way the cutesy bee print you would usually expect – which is almost cartoon like and most likely featuring bright yellows – in fact, I had to look at them a few times before I realised they were bees. All I saw at first was a rather attractive graphic design in brocade, and a set of rather lovely yet unexpected colour combinations. And of course the shoe itself is anything but ‘cute’. It isn’t the first time I’ve featured one of the Blade styles, as I’ve been an admirer of that sleek, futuristic heel for quite a few years now – I really love the effect of pairing what could be quite a ditsy print with such a modern style.

So, bees are a winner for me! Only question now is, which ones do I want the most??



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