Saturday Shopping – Hot Heart Prints For Valentines

I don’t celebrate Valentines Day. Not because I’m into anti-consumerism (she says, staring at her wall of shoes, pretending that wasn’t stating the darn obvious…) It isn’t because it makes me bitter or sad. It isn’t even because I’m one of those annoying people that’s all, ‘You should tell people you love them everyday, not wait for a stupid holiday y’all……’ which is actually true, but we all love to hate those self righteous little rays of sunshine, don’t we? No, I don’t celebrate it simply because it falls two days before my Birthday, and it’s hard enough to find the time and the funds to celebrate that, never mind Valentines. We will get each other cards and make a point of being lovely to one another, but we won’t be splashing out on expensive gifts or going out for a fancy dinner. That said, I will be making the most of an opportunity to theme an outfit, ’cause that’s just how I roll….

I’m not always the biggest fan of the schmaltzy kind of thing that is the norm for Valentines – romantic ruffles, lace, oodles of pink and red and cartoonish lipstick kisses…. it’s all a bit mushy for me. I can get on board with a subtle nod to the occasion though, and have decided to do so with a heart motif, which I think is sweet yet subtle enough to wear all year round. The dress I’ll be wearing, in fact, is an ancient old Primark buy which gets plenty of outings throughout the Winter. It’s a print that is classic enough not to be too costumey, and if head to toe peint is a little too much for you, you could always give the day a little nod by going for a simple blouse or skirt with plain pairings, or maybe just stick to hearts on your shoes? Either way, this little lot should be perfect for helping you dress the part…

Top Row: ‘Babe’ Bag, Dune, £32‘Bettine’ Shoes, Dune, £47Blouse, Chicwish, £29.94

Second Row: Cardigan, Oasis, £38‘Be Loved’ Shoes, Dune, £69Midi Dress, Oasis, £42

Third Row: Skirt, J Crew, £98‘Liv’ Shoes, Faith, £49‘Matilda’ Dress, Lindy Bop, £36

Bottom Row: Ruffle Dress, Oasis, £40Shoes, Zara, £69.99‘Violetta’ Skirt, Collectif, £6.38

Any exciting Valentines plans for you guys? Will you be going the full hog or sweetly subtle?



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