Saturday Shopping – In Awe of Ankle Boots

For about the 50th time this week, has anyone noticed that Spring appears to have missed it’s wake u call this year?? Tres annoying, I think you’ll all agree! I really hoped the knitwear and coats could have been packed away by now, but the weather has other ideas. We have not yet reached double figures, temperature wise, and I for one am not remotely happy about it (in case you hadn’t noticed…)

As much as I’d love to just throw caution to the wind and get my peep toes out regardless, I’m just too old to be willing to freeze in the name of fashion, so what is a style conscious girl to do?? Enter the ankle boot! This wonderful little invention is the perfect answer to transitional dressing – often small and dainty enough to wear with pretty frocks and skirts without looking too clumpy, yet with all the coverage required to keep those tootsies warm until the sun finally decides to make it’s very long awaited appearance! Luckily ankle boots have remained Winter staple for the last couple of years now, with the most recent collections the brightest and prettiest they’ve ever been, so there is still plenty of choice available to help get you through this strange period of limbo! Ankle boots of any description are a welcome fixture at this time of year, but my most favourite style to help me feel a little more polished has to be a slender heel and a pointed toe, like this lovely lot…

Top Row: Pink Lace Ups, New Look, £34.99‘Tammy’ Boots, Miss KG, £59‘Spectacular’ Boots, Carvela, £149‘Genevive’ Boots, Carvela, £69

Second Row: ‘Hoochie’ Boots, Topshop, £79‘Heat’ Boots, Topshop, £89‘Kearia’ Boots, Aldo, £120‘Ossama’ Boots, Dorothy Perkins, £41.25

Third Row: ‘Osha’ Boots, Dune, £85‘Akron’ Boots, Ravel, £49.50‘Akron’ Boots, Ravel, £49.50Black Lace Ups, Zara, £19.99

Bottom Row: ‘Wiz’ Boots, Faith, £44‘Osha’ Boots, Dune, £85‘Jordyn’ Boots, Jasper Conran, £55.30‘Bless’ Boots, Faith, £48.30

My own ankle boot collection has nearly doubled in the last 12 months, so I’m doing my best to resist getting any more this season, but these aren’t making it easy! God help me when the Summer sales hit!!



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6 thoughts on “Saturday Shopping – In Awe of Ankle Boots

  1. Does the sun ever visit in the UK? 😉
    I love ankle boots, since higher boots are too much of a struggle to get in to!

    I was also wondering on what your opinion is about coloured pants and how to match them with another piece of clothing.
    I recently bought salmon pink pants, but I have green coat. I can’t wear them together without looking like a clown 🤡
    Sooo, what colour does fit with salmon pink?
    If you’re ever out of inspiration for a blog topic, I would love to hear about this! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha, it appears for about 5 minutes in the Summer if we’re lucky! Hmmm, salmon. You could go for the safe option of black. Maybe a navy blue? Or camel is a really nice neutral that goes with most colours! x


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