Outfit: Planning For Snow

Snow Day 7

March – the beginning of Spring. The time of year we all rejoice at the end of a long dark Winter and start looking forward to warmer days, longer evenings and maybe even a little bit of sunshine, right? Wrong. Not this year. If you live in the UK you’ll be well aware that Mother Nature has decided to be particularly cruel to us recently by giving us a really sunny last week of Feb, just to get our hopes u and our spirits lifted, then plunged us into sub zero temperatures and freak blizzards just as we crossed into the official beginning of Springtime! Thanks a lot, Nature!!

Dressing appropriately for the snow is never particularly easy (well, not if you like to look smart for work, anyway…) but it’s that little bit harder when you’re due to be away for the week and you haven’t got any confidence that you know what the weather is going to do!! That’s the situation I found myself at the beginning of the month when some arts of the country had been gripped in antarctic drifts, and we had yet to see a mere sprinkle. It was certainly cold – with a wind chill factor of up to minus 13 – but despite the fact we’d only had a light dusting so far, everyone seemed to be on tenterhooks, waiting for a deluge, and I couldn’t for the life of me decide what I needed to wear!

Obviously, flat boots were going to be a must – I don’t really like to wear them to work as I don’t feel very smart in them, but I had no idea whether this was going to be wellies weather or simply sensible footwear weather, so decided these would be the best bet. I tried to combat their casualness by wearing them with one of my prettiest ditsy print tea dresses (shocker – bet you didn’t see that one coming….) and then added an extra layer of warmth with this wrapover. The huge grey cardi added no benefit other than warmth I’m afraid. It isn’t the chicest, I know, but I’d already had to take off my coat for the photos and it was just too cold to remove another layer!

Snow Day 10Snow Day 8Snow Day 5Snow Day 9Snow Day 6Snow Day 1Snow Day 3Snow Day 4Snow Day 2

Also – I was thinking about getting fringe and going ombre with my hair colour, but these pics are making me thing about going shoulder length again! Any thoughts??



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12 thoughts on “Outfit: Planning For Snow

    1. Thanks! SO over it! Weirdly it’s gone quite mild this week, but there is more snow expected tomorrow! Fingers crossed it’s just a dusting and then we can get on with Spring! x


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