Fantasy Friday – Alexandre Birman Clarita Knotted Sandal

Alexandre Birman Clarita 1

Ugh. My heart aches to be wearing shoes like this right now! They literally just scream ‘holiday’, don’t they? It’s still a fair while to go till my holidays unfortunately, so I’ll have to console myself with fantasising about it being warm enough to wear these instead.

Pretty little floral prints seem to be all I can post about lately, but these are a little different to my last few offerings. There is something a little nostalgic about this print, which is rather ditsy and vintage looking. It reminds me of the kind of print on the scraps of fabric my Nana would use to make us little aprons or hairbands when I was little. She used to keep all the scraps in a little box, along with a tin full of buttons and various random lengths of ribbon or tiny little rosebuds. When we were a little bigger she’d let us play with it, fashioning outfits for our Sindy dolls (we were a strictly Sindy household – no Barbies for us, though I’m not entirely sure why?) and occasionally stopping by the haberdashery in Boyes in Scarborough to top it up, where I’d spend hours, fascinated by the endless rolls of sequins and trimmings. It’s funny, fabric shoes aren’t really the kind of thing you would associate with high quality, but to me these look anything but cheap.

They are very similar in style to the first ever pair of Alexandre Birman shoes I featured a few months ago. They have those same signature knots and bows at the toes and the ankles, however the thicker, burlap effect heel and lack of glitter make it a far more casual daytime appropriate style, which is just begging to be worn on a sunset walk along the promenade on a balmy Summer’s evening.

Sigh. Not long to go I suppose – though sadly I don’t think these will be in my suitcase! I can but dream though, right?



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