Outfit: About That Bow…

The Bow 1

Hmmm, seems like we’re having a bit of a black and red theme this week! That’s actually all a bit of an illusion though, because while I genuinely did wear Tuesday’s outfit quite recently, this one was actually worn MONTHS ago, waaaay back in October for Dan’s Birthday dinner! It was a bit of a busy day, and we didn’t get around to taking any photos of it during daylight hours. Normally I would chalk it up to experience and wait until the next time I wore the outfit, but on this occasion I decided that would be a disservice to the dress. You see, this was the first time I’ve actually worn it, despite having owned it for nearly two years! A crime I’m not proud of, let that be known!

It wasn’t an intentional act, by any means. Let me start by saying that I LOVE this dress. I’ve loved it since the first time I saw it, in fact, and never dreamt it would become mine. It did though – as one of the first gifts Dan ever bought me – and yet it didn’t get worn until recently. Why? Well, it’s had it’s fair share of dramas, has this dress. Firstly, it didn’t fit me quite right so I had to get it taken in. Then Dan and I split up and I couldn’t bring myself to wear it – even if I’d wanted to I lost so much weight I’d have had to have it altered again! So for quite a long time it just hung there, still in the garment bag he gifted it to me in. For a short time I even considered getting rid of it as it seemed such a shame for such a gorgeous dress to languish, hidden away like that. But that thought made me too sad so I hung on to it anyway, despite it seeming a bit wasteful, perhaps also out of hope that we’d be able to work things out.

As you know, there was a happy ending – we did work things out, and by the end of that year we were back together. So when picking out a dress to wear out for his Birthday celebrations it felt apt that it should be this one, paired with my most special of shoes of course, my beloved Louboutin Pigalles. I love the way the tone of the dress compliments that red sole – just perfect! And so, after waiting such a long time to wear the poor thing, I decided not to wait for outing number two and recreated the outfit just for the blog’s sake! Good things come to those who wait, and in my case that has definitely turned out to be true. But somethings deserve not to be saved for later!

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