Fantasy Friday – Sandro Pleated Dress

Pink. It isn’t a colour that, historically, I’d have said is a favourite. It’s not a colour that lots of women my age would have said is a favourite, in fact, for fear of being branded a ‘girly girl’, a simpering idiot or overgrown school child. There has been a long held stereotype that pink is just too feminine, as if that were a bad thing, and therefore not something any respecting, competent woman would aspire to.

Thank god we realised that was all a pile of tosh and we could all start wearing it again, hey?! Well, the stereotypes aren’t completely forgotten, of course, it’s still very much considered a ‘girly’ colour, and for some reason some people still have an issue with being seen as ‘feminine’, but at least the world has become a little more accepting of the colour pink. ‘Millennial Pink’ was even declared the colour of the year by Pantone last year, and I for one am glad, because I think it’s a rather delightful colour these days.

It’s particularly lovely, I feel, when it comes in a light, warm, blushy tone. It feels very appropriate at this time of year, when the world is slowly waking up and blooming to life again, so this week I’ve decided to share this gorgeous Sandro pleated midi dress – a perfect example of how you’d be missing out if you avoided wearing pink your whole life!

Sandro Pleated Dress
Pleated Wrap Dress, Sandro, £345

I’m not sure I can think of a better colour for this dress. It suits the soft pleats and delicate draping so well that I just can’t imagine it any other way. Feminine it might well be. The epitome of femininity, perhaps.  But that doesn’t make it any less awesome – and who said girly girls can’t also be awesome, anyway???



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13 thoughts on “Fantasy Friday – Sandro Pleated Dress

  1. You wear what colour pleases YOU Steph! Anyone who needs to criticise is not important enough to listen to. I hope being feminine is seen as a sign of strength . It shows a person is confident to dress in whatever colour they want. This dress is so fabulously feminine and I love it! I really like the pleated skirt on it . Girly girls are awesome Steph. if being Girly is wrong , I never want to be right !! Take care dear, hugs, Terri xo.

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