Outfit: She Wore Green Velvet

Green Velvet 1

We have a new record ladies and gents (if there are actually any gents reading…?)

For the first time ever on this blog I’m featuring a new purchase in an outfit post before I’ve even featured it in my monthly purchases post!! That is testament to just how much I love this skirt – I’ve pretty much been wearing it non stop since it arrived, and just couldn’t wait any longer to share it with you!

As you know, I started obsessing over pink velvet pleated skirts at the end of last year after I kept seeing ridiculously cute and hip girls on Insta rocking them. I am, of course, in no way ridiculously cute or hip, but I felt pretty confident I could pull one off and that it was the garment I’d been waiting for all my life, so embarked on a lengthy quest to track one down. Once I’d managed this feat (and it was a bit of a feat, truth be told, but more on that later this week…) I obviously realised that it really WAS the garment I’ve been waiting for all my life, so immediately rushed out to find MORE! This bottle green beauty from LOTD was a particularly sweet score as it cost me just £9, though it’s since been reduced even further to just £5 – don’t you just hate it when that happens?? ! As much as I’m dying to wear my pink one, this darker shade has been a little more appropriate for the endless Winter we seem to be having. It’s also the perfect shade to go with my favourite ankle boots of all time, my Ted Baker Saillys, and anything that helps me get more wear out of them is a winner in my book!

Of course the best thing about this skirt though is how darn touchable it is! Who doesn’t want a skirt you can stroke I ask you??

Green Velvet 4Green Velvet 9Green Velvet 2Green Velvet 10Green Velvet 11Green Velvet 5Green Velvet 6Green Velvet 7Green Velvet 3Green Velvet 8

Hmmmm, I am sensing there are going to be an awful lot of pleated midi skirts gracing these pages this Summer…..!



In this post: Green Velvet Pleated Skirt, LOTD – Leather Jacket, Oasis (Similar) – ‘Sailly’ Boots, Ted Baker (Grey and Black still available)

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8 thoughts on “Outfit: She Wore Green Velvet

    1. Thanks! I’ve been wearing this lippie constantly lately! It’s just a cheap Rimmel one that I think I might even have got as a freebie, it’s called Naughty Nude so I assumed it would be a bit dull but it’s actually a lovely rosy pink shade! It smells yummy too! X

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