Fantasy Friday – H&M Patterned Silk Dress

Hmmmm. H&M in a Fantasy Friday post?? What’s going on there then?

The pages of this blog are certainly no stranger to H&M. It’s a store I frequent on a very regular basis thanks to it’s generously sized range and array of budget friendly items. This Spring in particular they seem to be intent in getting a decent sized chunk of my salary going but the sheer volume of cute little printed dresses and pretty pleated midi skirts they keep producing. Thanks to that more than affordable pricepoint, there is normally a good chance that if I feature one of their pieces on a wish list, it will be mine before the month is up – a parcel from them may well even have landed on my doormat just yesterday full of adorable polka dotted treats that I didn’t really need – so it seems a little odd even to me that I should ever class H&M clothing fantasy fodder. Generally, if I want a dress from there, I’ll buy it, because they make it very easy to justify the low spend on the odd little pick me up. But then again, it isn’t often they offer up 100% silk frocks costing over £100 like this one….:

Patterned Silk Dress, H&M, £119

This rather gorgeous number is completely the style of dress I’d expect to see them stocking. That midi length is very much in fashion right now, and those pretty little tie up sleeves and that vintage style floral print are replicated in several pieces in the range. They don’t normally tend to come in such a luxe fabric though, and while I love it – and I really do love it – I know I would simply end up wearing it to work, probably spilling coffee down it and then leaving it crumpled in the bottom of the washing basket because I never got around to taking it to the dry cleaners, so it’s going to remain a fantasy purchase. I bet it feels and looks fantastic on, and if I was the kind of interesting person who could wear this to do more than the daily commute and the odd supermarket trip I’d be seriously tempted. As it stands though, my day to day life is pretty dull, so I can’t help wishing it was made out of something cheaper so I could give in and buy it without worrying about it never being worn!

Still, it’s pretty darn gorgeous though, don’t you think?



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