Fantasy Friday – Aspinal Portobello Bag

So, it’s Friday 13th which is supposed to be unlucky, but I fail to accept any day to be unlucky when it contains pastel coloured handbag perfection like this…

For the longest time, I wasn’t particularly interested in handbags. I mean, I could ooh and ahh over a Mulberry Bayswater or a vintage quilted Chanel purse as much as the next girl, but I just didn’t have that overwhelming urge to own them in the same way I always have with shoes. Shoes have always been my thang. I like looking at shoes almost as much as wearing them, so I could see the value of a beautiful pair of Louboutins well beyond them being footwear (and let’s face it, not even particularly practical footwear) – they were pretty much art to me, art that I would happily stand on a shelf or in a glass case. Handbags though – not so much.

Things change though. My bag collection has grown considerably over the last few years, even stretching to accommodate some designer beauties in the form of some (second hand) Kate Spades, as I’ve started to appreciate them more as a contributing factor to a great outfit. I’m pretty well kitted out, if I’m honest. I’ve got the basics covered and will be able to find something that goes with most of my outfit choices just fine, but every now and then I seem to go through a bit of a phase where all I want to purchase is new handbags!

I seem to be going through such a phase right now, and I’m blaming it entirely on all the lovely pastel creations out there at the moment, like this sweet little Portobello bag by Aspinal of London:

Aspinal Portobello Bag 1
Portobello Bag, Aspinal of London, £325


This small, saddle shaped style of bag seems to be everywhere right now, and this one comes in a myriad of tempting colours, but it’s this delightful (and apparently very on trend, not that I would know) lilac shade that has really got me drooling. By some piece of luck I don’t actually have a lilac bag, so if it wasn’t upwards of £300 it most likely would already be mine!

Primark, if you’re listening, I want one like this!



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