Reasons to be Cheerful – Summer Stock

Summer Stock 1

Shopping excites me at the best of times, as you all well know. I am a true shopaholic. Silly and frivolous it may well be, but not a lot beats the buzz of hurry home with a new purchase in your clutches, full of ideas about how you’re going to wear it. It’s a dangerous habit, of course, and I in no way advocate sending money you haven’t got just to make you feel better on a crappy day, but when you have worked hard to buy that treat with your hard earned cash, it’s a darn good feeling.

During the Winter though, it loses it’s edge a little for me. There are seasonal necessities that need to be bought, of course, but bar some momentary excitement over a beautiful pair of boots or a perfectly cut coat, I find it very hard to get happy about knitwear and thermals. I find very little appealing about Winter fashion, so apart from the brief respite of Christmas partywear (YAY SEQUINS!) I don’t find it anywhere near as fun shopping when everything is wool, grey and covers every square inch of your body. My favourite clothes – not including the ball gowns and glitzy heels that I just don’t really have occasion to wear in real life – are the floaty fabric, pretty prints and colourful shades that hit the shelves in Spring, and GUESS WHAT?! That time has finally arrived!

The pastels and the florals have slowly started tickling into stores this last week or two and it’s brightened my soul a real treat! The high street just seems like a far friendlier, brighter place to be right now, especially thanks to the addition of the most exciting category of all – holiday collections! I have no real need to buy any new holiday clothes – we all know we end up wearing the same things we always do for lounging around the pool, but still…. Now that I have actually booked our next trip, seeing the bikinis and sarongs in the shops is really making me feel like Summer is en route, and it really can’t come any sooner!

Of course, this makes it a risky time to plan a quick window shopping trip on your lunch break if you’re trying to save up for house renovations, but at least I have prettier things to yearn for now…!

Summer Stock 2Summer Stock 3



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