Outfit: The Forgotten Boots…

Red Red Wine 5

I have a confession to make….

People are frequently incredulous about my shoe collection. They often seem to think that it’s the epitome of over extravagance to own so many items of footwear, and I usually greet this with the same response – think of it what you will, but I wear all of my shoes! Granted, there are some pairs that are on the sparkly or on the skyscraper side that get worn less, because they are better fitted for a night out than the normal day to day activities I partake in. But still, I simply do not buy shoes and not wear them. That just isn’t how I roll….! And yet, somehow, I managed to get through nearly the whole Winter this year without wearing these boots! And it was a long Winter this year, which makes it even worse…!

The issue wasn’t one of not having occasion to wear them. It basically came down to storage! While my shoe shelves are back in residence, we haven’t yet worked out  long term plan for storing my boots, and this air unfortunately suffered the very undeserved fate of being the ones still sat in the bag I used to transport them, meaning they just got overlooked. Sorry, boots!

I’m glad I rectified that issue just in time, because to be fair to them, they are far more versatile than you would think. Coloured OTK boots can be difficult to style, but it just so happens that the burgundy wine colour of these is one of my Winter staples, so I have a veritable feast of garments to pair them with. In this case I went with this beautiful floral Oasis blouse, last seen here in a slightly more low key outfit. It’s the perfect companion really as the nudey pink tones nicely break up all that burgundy and stop it feeling a little like overkill!

Red Red Wine 4Red Red Wine 2Red Red Wine 8Red Red Wine 6Red Red Wine 7Red Red Wine 10Red Red Wine 3Red Red Wine 9Red Red Wine 1

So I’m reeeeeally sorry boots, you didn’t deserve that! I solemnly swear to wear you more later on in the year. Thing is though, it’s finally getting to the time I get to give all those long neglected peeptoes an outing, so I’m struggling to feel too bad about it… I do love you though, promise!



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