Outfit: Embracing The Beret

French 5

I so want to be a wearer of berets. I’m always seeing some of my favourite bloggers, like Rebecca at A Clothes Horse or Lizzie at Lizzie in Lace rocking them and looking absolutely adorable, and desperately want to emulate that cute, casual look, but on me I’m just not sure it works! I think I just don’t have a beret shaped head. I don’t mean literally obviously, because most people would look pretty weird if their head was shaped like a beret…. I just mean it doesn’t seem to be the right shape to pull one off! No matter how much primping in front of the mirror I do, pulling at it until it resembles something like the right shape, within two minutes of leaving the house they seem to slip awkwardly up my head until they look similar to a flying saucer orbiting my noggin….!

I am nothing if not persistent though, and when I first saw this breton striped beauty, the Fritha dress by Joanie Clothing, I just knew it was the perfect opportunity to give it another go. Yes, I know. Could I be any more of a cliche? Breton stripes and a beret?? If I just added a French stick and a string of onions I’d be dangerously close to a slightly offensive stereotype! Still, once I’d pictured it I couldn’t get it out of my head, and I have to admit I am still loving the Parisienne feel to this outfit, cliche or not!

In theory, anyway. Full disclosure – the beret did not stay on for the duration of the day. In fact, this wasn’t even the first lot of photos we took – we’d taken another set earlier in the day that I had a childlike sulk over and made Dan do over, because the beret looked the wrong kind of jaunty (I’m pretty sure Dan is looking at these photos right now still scratching his head about what on earth the difference was, but he’s good to me and played along – that’s how I know he’s a keeper!) so the battle is not yet won. To be honest, I’m wondering if it’s a battle worth fighting, because if a dress this cute can’t take my mind off the angle of my hat maybe it’s a lost cause? I’m no quitter though, so I will persevere!!

French 4French 2French 9French 10French 7French 12French 11French 6French 1French 3French 8

Do any of you more successful beret-wearers out there have any tips for me??



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