Fantasy Friday – Sergio Rossi Isobel Heels

Nothing like a pretty pair of shoes to cheer up a crappy Friday, right? And this week truly has been crappy, so it’s a good job I found these:

Sergio Rossi Isobel 1
‘Isobel’ Heels, Sergio Rossi c/o Shopbop, £714

You know how I love bows – well these beauties have 6!! 12 if you count both feet! And I can’t think of anything more jolly than wearing 12 little bows on your feet – it would definitely put a little extra spring in my step anyway!

Sadly that isn’t going to happen, not just because of the eye watering price tag, but because there aren’t a huge amount of opportunities to wear blush suede in England, when it feels like a torrential downpour is always but a few moments away! That’s just not a sensible investment for me. Still, though, they are rather beautiful. I’ve become rather enamoured with multi strap shoes lately for some reason, and while normally they have that sort of sultry, dominatrix feel to them, the little bows adorning these sweeten up the whole look beautifully.

Plus, you know, bows! Did I mention the bows enough??



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