April Lust Haves

Another month, another wishlist! The great shopping binge of 2018 finally seems to have subsided, and I’m feeling pretty satisfied with my closet as we roll towards Summer (kinda – it’s still looking pretty grey and drizzly outside, but apparently Summer is just around the corner…) Still, it would be a complete lie to say there weren’t plenty of things out there that have caught my eye.

Like this beauty:

April 18 Lust 1
Floral Midi Dress, New Look, £22.99

This button through midi dress immediately grabbed my attention when I spotted it while shopping for my sister’s Birthday present this month. Finally, something from the 90’s revival that I can get on board with! I had a dress remarkably like this in my youth, though with the longer midi hem this feels appropriately grown up enough for me rather than making me feel like I’d be dressing like an 11 year old. This would be the perfect frock for my holiday in a couple of weeks, but sadly I am having trouble tracking it down in my size! I WILL make it mine eventually (probably after 3 years of obsessive eBay stalking…)

I’m also pretty taken with this sweet little wrap dress:

April 18 Lust 2
‘Joyce’ Dress, Joanie Clothing, £38

Joanie seems intent of bankrupting me lately – every time I head on over there there is a tempting new frock on offer. As you know, ruffled wrap dresses are a style I’ve been crazy about sine last Summer, and I just love the bright florals against the white background – not a combination you see that often. If it wasn’t for the fact mytea dress collection is already bursting at the seams it would be very likely this dress would be coming to live with me very soon!

And how about this rather lovely tie shoulder top from Oasis?

April 18 Lust 3
Tie Shoulder Top, Oasis, £22

It’s not the most exciting item I’ll ever feature, but you will never regret the purchase of a good quality cami in my opinion. They are pretty much my stale for feeling a little more put together when heading out in jeans and a blazer. I love how the shoulder detail adds a nice bit of interesting to an otherwise plain style, and that sage green shade is just gorgeous! Perfect for lazy evenings in a beer garden!

Finally (yes, finally, there really are only 4 items this month! I’m growing!) these rather adorable trousers by H&M:

April 18 Lust 4.jpg
Cigarette Pants, H&M, £19.99

Printed trousers are my favourite thing to wear to work during the warmer months – I normally feel the need to wear heels with trousers to avoid feeling a little drab, but when rocking a show stopping print all that changes, for some reason. I’ve been wanting a gingham pair for a while now – I love gingham so much it almost trumps polka dots and stripes as my favourite Spring print – and these ones are ranking very highly on my list right now thanks to their affordable pricepoint. I have a few pairs from H&M already and have always been impressed with the quality given how little they cost. I unfortunately have rather knobbly knees which have a tendency to make any trousers go a little baggy in that area, but these look as though the thick fabric ad forgiving bit of stretch should fare pretty well. Hmmm, maybe one more pair wouldn’t hurt…

How about you, are all those Summer ranges tempting you?



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4 thoughts on “April Lust Haves

  1. Summer will be here soon for you Steph! Oh my I just love the midi, lovely length and print! Great price too. You will find it. Thats funny how Joanie are bankrupting you! With cute dresses like that floral print I can see why! The cigarette trousers will be fun to match with and accessorise! There are a lot of summer collections that are hard to ignore here in the USA too, I am being tempted! Have a nice day, hugs, Terri xo.

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