April Round Up

April 18 1

April has been a strange month. As predicted last month there were plenty more events to actually write about. So many wonderful opportunities to get together with friends and spend quality time with my loved ones. But it’s been a tough month too. So I’ll get the crap bits out of the way first so we can get onto the good stuff!

Last week I came home from work to find an ambulance parked outside my parent’s house. It isn’t actually the first time this has happened in recent months, so as much as it’s an alarming thing to see, I wasn’t too worried. My Mum hadn’t been feeling her best for quite some time now, and my Dad has called an ambulance before when she’s had a funny turn, so I assumed this would turn out exactly the same way – some medicine and some strict instructions to take it easy. But this time was different – they wanted to take her in and before I knew it I was sat in an empty house in the middle of the night, wondering what time my Dad would come home. The next morning we were told that she had actually suffered a minor heart attack, and thus began a long week of waiting for tests and hospital visits. Thankfully, after a stressful and exhausting few days (where I thanked my lucky stars I had a job that I can do from home!) she was discharged without the need for surgery, and now we just need to wait for more news as to what caused it in the first place. We’ve been very lucky – plenty of people don’t get a second chance after a heart attack so it’s been a very sobering experience, but we’re all just glad to have her back at home now and fighting fit.

Anyway, before all of that kicked off I’d been having a delightful month! It began, of course, with Easter and a lovely long weekend. We made the most of the time off by spending as much time as we could with our nearest and dearest – and eating EVERYTHING!! On the Friday we put on a spread at our home for friends and spent a lovely afternoon catching up while their children ran riot (in a very adorable and cute manner) and our Saturday was spent visiting friends and Dan’s family. On Easter Sunday it was my family’s turn to play host and we went for one of my Dad’s famous lamb roasts, which was DELICIOUS! Even Bonnie got a treat as my Dad ket her the lamb bone, which I then had to break open for her to scoop out the marrow (she can’t be trusted just to chew on a bone, she literally tries to eat them!!) Ugh. The things we do for love! Afterwards we headed out for some drinks and ‘accidentally’ sampled pretty much every gin available, followed by every rum. Oops. Needless to say the next day we were feeling worse for wear, so we medicated with fried chicken burgers and a long walk with the pooch before heading to the cinema to watch Ready Player One. This movie was actually filmed right outside my office building and I was incredibly excited to spot it plain as day towards the end of the film! I remember walking to and from work through the film set which was ever so surreal and it was great to finally get to see the finished article. We followed that up with YET MORE FOOD with a slap up meal at Ask, and by that stage it was definitely time for an early night, full of promises to be a little healthier for the rest of the month (spoiler – that lasted all of 5 minutes…)

After a wonderful start to the month, things got very busy and stressful at work so not a huge amount was done for the next couple of weeks that is worth blogging about, though we did finally get some nice weather, so quite a lot of time in the tub was had. Soothing away the stresses of the working day is suddenly a lot easier for me now!

April 18 13

Most of the month though I was on countdown to my much anticipated Birthday trip to Newcastle and Edinburgh! I won’t write too much about it now as I have a couple of posts about it planned, but we had the most wonderful couple of days exploring and making the most of the sunshine, which we inexplicably managed to keep hold of for the majority of the time we were there! Edinburgh is one of my favourite cities, and while I stilL don’t feel like I’ve seen nearly enough of it, it was lovely to get to enjoy a bit more of the scenery since throughout my last visit, which was more than a little rainy. Again, we ate and drank far too much, but if you can’t over indulge when on holiday, when can you!?

Finally, this week was my sister’s birthday. My mum being so poorly had threatened to overshadow things somewhat, but with her being discharged on Thursday we were in the mood to celebrate with a bit of a shindig at her home (she herself has had her fair share of hospital time lately having recently torn her cruciate ligament in her knee so there was no going out dancing this year!) As her house parties usually go, there was a hell of a lot of Prosecco consumed and a couple of rounds of beer pong played which left me feeling so hungover the next day I genuinely thought there was a real risk of death. You would think I’d have learned my lesson at her NYE party wouldn’t you? But no! I literally slept for 75% of Saturday… I recovered just in time for a huge roast with the family yesterday afternoon, which bookended the month just nicely, don’t you think??

April 18 30

And that was my April. I’m hoping simultaneously for both more and less of the same for May – more of the sunshine, less of the overeating and nasty surprises please…..!

Hope April has been kind to you!



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