Fantasy Friday – Kate Spade Chesapeake Dress

Oh my. Kate’s gone done it again!

Just when I think they can’t possibly produce something else I will want with all my being, they go slap a couple of bows on this:

Kate Spade Chesapeke 1

Chesapeake Dress, Kate Spade, £360

Ugh. I swear they do it on purpose. Full skirt, bow details and navy and white stripes? Count me in! I have zero excuses for buying this dress, but I want it all the same. To do what? I dunno. Swan around on the deck of a fancy boat, most likely, ’cause that’s just how fantasy me rolls! And could there be a better dress for such an activity? I think not.

Obviously real me doesn’t have a boat to hang out on, or close to £400 to drop on a dress. Shame though. I’d look damn good on that boat….



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