Outfit: Channeling Audrey

C Audrey 5

As you know, I’m no a fan of casual dressing. Actually, let me rephrase that. It’s not that I’m not a fan of casual clothing – on other people it looks great. I’m just not a fan of it on me. I’ve just always found it difficult to feel put together or polished when dressed down. Anytime I need to feel good about myself, I’ve always had a tendency to reach for a pretty dress or a pair of heels. That just seems to be the way I’m wired.

It’s strange then, that I class Audrey Hepburn to be my all time style icon. It’s easy to conjure up images of her beautiful gowns from Sabrina or Breakfast at Tiffany’s, but actually, Audrey’s preferences in real life were far more casual. Casual, yet always impeccably polished. So I decided perhaps I should try taking a leaf out of her book when it came to dressing down, and here it is! And on the eve of Audrey’s birthday too! That part is just coincidence…!

There is no stand out piece in this outfit – it’s all pretty ordinary. But that was one of Audrey’s great skills – making classic items look as though she’d thrown a whole load of effort together. Her staple pieces – cigarette pants, ballet flats, a classic white shirt or a polo neck, the timeless trench coat – they aren’t things that would normally garner all that much excitement in me. And yet I felt pretty great in this outfit! I didn’t feel drab, I didn’t feel scruffy – I felt kinda Audrey! Granted, she wouldn’t have worn jeans, and I can’t really get along with polo necks, but still, I think she’d have approved!

C Audrey 2C Audrey 4C Audrey 10C Audrey 11C Audrey 6C Audrey 9C Audrey 8C Audrey 7C Audrey 3C Audrey 1



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