Outfit: Crazy For Daisies

Daisy 4

Well, we certainly seem to be sticking with the floral theme this week, don’t we?!

The last lot were a bit loud and in your face, but this time I’ve gone a little more subtle with this gorgeous button through midi skirt from Primark. It’ll probably be hard to believe this given the mad shopping rampage I’ve been on the last couple of weeks, but it’s actually very rare that I impulse buy. I’m more of a thinker, and tend to agonise over a new item for quite some time before buying it, not to mention spending hours trawling the internet for discount codes or second hand versions, convinced I will love it just that little bit more of I could just shave off a few pennies. This actually normally results on me not getting it at all, of course, because it inevitably then sells out completely, leading me to then realise I can’t live without it and sit refreshing my eBay search hopefully until it haunts my dreams. Yep. That’s me! I’m a real treat! Anyway, on the most part, I just don’t all that often walk into a store, spot something nice, think ‘I’ll have that!’ and casually buy it, just like that. No, I like to torture myself instead, evidently.

This skirt was something else though. I was on one of those trips to Primark where you swear blind you’re just going to pick up some holiday essentials and nothing else – but then I saw it! And it was so darn cute just hanging there, with it’s sweet little daisies and teeny tiny polka dots, that I just threw it in the basket without a second thought. I KNOW!! How bloody frivolous of me!!

I have absolutely no regrets though, because no sooner had the sun decided to show it’s incredibly late but welcome face, this became my hands down favourite thing to wear. It’s just so effortless and pretty at the same time that I just want to be wearing it ALL THE TIME and honestly? I kinda am! I’ve already gone with the obvious black shoes with it, and then equally neutral gold. I also paired it with green heels one day to compliment the little leaves in the print. So when I decided to wear it for our recent weekend away I wanted to try something a little different and wore these bright red flats from Zara and was very happy with the result.

In fact, I’d go as far as to say, I’m not sure there is a colour you CAN’T wear with it! Anyone want to try and name one?

Daisy 1Daisy 3Daisy 6Daisy 11Daisy 8Daisy 2Daisy 10Daisy 7Daisy 9Daisy 5



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16 thoughts on “Outfit: Crazy For Daisies

    1. Aw thank you, they are a favourite of mine too, I’ve worn them to death over the last 12 months! I might have to buy a back up pair for when they finally wear out! x

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  1. Hi Steph, I have no problem sticking with the floral theme! Primark must have had you on radar entering the store and scurried to put this skirt out for you to see! I can see why you couldnt pass it , it ticks all the boxes. Very ladylike cut and the daisies and polka dots compliment each other so well. The shoes are also so gorgeous with it and the top. Take care , hugs, Terri xo.

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