How I Dress For the Airport

By the time you read this I will be in Marrakech!! How bloody exciting is that??

Well, not very for you I guess, but I’m certainly very excited! It feels like an age since my last holiday, and while this one will be a little different to our usual beach and pool type trips, I absolutely cannot wait. I love everything about a foreign holiday, and would probably be convinced to stop shopping all together if it meant I could make sure I get at least one tri a year – YES, ME!

Actually though, there is one part I hate, and that’s the travelling. As you know from this post, huge volumes of people crammed into one place fill me with utter dread, especially when those people are stressed and in a rush. So airports really aren’t the best of places for me. I can’t really relax until I’m on the plane, and even then there is still the airport at the other end to contend with! Mostly, travelling for me is just a necessary evil before I can really kick back and enjoy myself – the sooner someone invents teleportation devices the better as far as I’m concerned! This time we’re going to try our best to keep things as stress free as possible by relaxing with a few cocktails before we fly, but I also have one other little ritual that helps to keep me sane, and that is the outfit I wear! I have a finely tuned ensemble now that helps to make me feel comfy and fully prepared, and it’s so successful on that front that I actually wore the exact same thing on both of my last two holidays and will be wearing a very similar variation this time too! Here is how I keep things hassle free…

Airport 2

  1. The Hat – I always take a hat on holidays to keep the sun off my head and face, but packing one in a suitcase isn’t easy, so I tend to just wear mine to travel in. At first I felt like a biot of a plonker, especially when flying in October when it’s raining and grey outside, but I’ve learned not to give a damn – you see far weirder things at airports, let’s face it!!
  2. The Denim Jacket – It’s rare that you need a cover up once you’ve touched down abroad, but when you’re hanging around in drizzly England beforehand it’s handy to have a jacket on standby! You will also be grateful for it when the English chill takes you by surprise when you get home after a week in the sun! I also find that planes can be a little draughty and I HATE feeling cold! A denim jacket is ideal because it’s lightweight and not likely to crease, so you can throw it in the bottom of your suitcase and forget about it once you’ve arrived, but it’s also sturdy enough to keep out the breeze.
  3. The Floaty Top – I like to keep things loose while travelling. You want to be comfy and not feel restricted. I have a terrible habit of bloating when flying – probably the stress! So I like to be wearing something that doesn’t cling to my belly. Something light, white and floaty is guaranteed to get me in the holiday mood!
  4. The Beach Bag – Beach bags tend to be both roomy and light, so double up perfect;y as hand luggage! I always use mine rather than a normal handbag as it saves room and precious weight allowance in my case. I always keep a smaller crossbody bag with me so I can find my essentials easily, but the beach bag is where anything bulkier, like a camera, spare cardigan and my books will go (again, sparing any extra weight in my case – vital I think you’ll agree!)
  5. The Jeggings – Much like the floaty top, comfortable bottoms are essential when travelling as you may have to be sitting down for quite some time (with a larger than normal stomach if you’re anything like me!) My favourites are the Eden jeggings by Dorothy Perkins which I have in a ridiculous number of colours. They have a very forgiving elasticated waistband and just the right amount of stretch, while still being thick enough to keep a nice shape (no baggy knees!)
  6. The Wedges – A lot of people will think this one is bonkers because flats would be the usual choice for travelling. True, wedges are not going to be your friend it you have to run to board your flight, but I’m one of those annoying people that insists on being at the airport with plenty of time to spare to avoid feeling flustered so hopefully that won’t be an issue! This one is another space saver for me – wedges can take up lots of precious room in your suitcase so wearing them frees this up. Full disclosure though – I normally have a pair of flats in the beach bag just in case!

What are your top tips for dressing for travel?



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4 thoughts on “How I Dress For the Airport

  1. Hi steph, I agree with all your sentiments on travel , airports and flying! teleportation is the way to go!! Oh my gosh you look so cute in your airport outfit!! The hat is a must have and great fashion accessory. Such a pretty top from what i can see, and you look wonderful in Jeggings and wedges. Enjoy your holiday , hugs, Terri xo.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We ended up having a disastrous journey which makes this post really funny to me now! I’ll be posting all about it when I’m back 😂


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