Reasons to be Cheerful – I’M ON HOLIDAY!!

It’s official – I’M ON HOLIDAY!! If you follow me on Instagram I’m sure you’ve probably already seen a smug, boasty photo or two by now – sorry, I can’t help myself. The thing is, nothing makes me happier than a holiday – not even a new pair of shoes – so I find it very hard not to rub my glee in everyone’s faces!

This holiday will be a little different to our usual holidays – we’re off to Marrakech this year, so no beach (but the biggest pool in Morocco apparently so I’m sure we’ll cope!) a bit more culture and possibly a little less ‘off the beaten track’ exploring than usual, but I still can’t wait, and I’m sure will be boring you to death with posts all about it very soon. I have a few posts scheduled in the meantime (it still freaks me out scheduling that far in advance in case there is a zombie apocalypse while I’m gone or something!) but really this is just a super quick post to say see you later, I’ll be back in a week!

Green Gardens 18.jpg


Sorry, I seriously can’t help it…



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