Outfit: Pink Pleats


Pink Velvet 8

FINALLY! I got to wear the pink pleated velvet skirt! I’ve spent most of 2018 so far either talking about wanting one or bragging about having one, but I’ve been yet to actually show you an outfit post featuring the skirt, so here it is!

I have to say, it very much lives up to expectations. It’s every bit as soft and feminine as I’d hoped, yet surprisingly easy to wear without looking like a 6 year old, which was one tiny worry I had. I thought I would need to wear heels with it, but actually as it transpires, it’s pretty easy to wear casually too – thank god, because after talking about it so much I needed to make sure it got some wear!

There is something about holidays that always have me feeling like I want to look my best, so my new favourite skirt was an obvious choice when I was packing for our recent trip to Scotland. It meant I could feel put together and pretty without looking overdressed while wandering the streets (um, apart from that whole climbing up a volcano thing… was definitely a tad over dressed for that…) and I got a ton of compliments from strangers as to how lovely it was. It’s basically like wearing a cuddle – the softest, loveliest cuddle you’ve ever had.

Of course, as you know, it was not just a pleated velvet skirt I wanted. It had to be pink, and the correct shade of pink to boot, hence why it took me a while to track it down. I can’t really tell you why this was so important to me, because I’m not sure I even know, but now it’s here I know I was right – that pretty blush shade almost glows and is just perfect paired with gold as I’ve done here with the shoes and belt. I still want it in every other colour conceivable though….

Pink Velvet 6Pink Velvet 1Pink Velvet 2Pink Velvet 4Pink Velvet 7Pink Velvet 11Pink Velvet 3Pink Velvet 9Pink Velvet 12Pink Velvet 10Pink Velvet 5



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