Polka Dot Nails

Polka Dot Nails 2

I’m back with a beauty post!

As regular readers will know, this isn’t an area I often post about, because, well, I know NOTHING. Long gone are the days when I was experimental with what goes on my face, these days it’s pretty much just sticking to tried and tested methods sadly. Nails though, they’re different. Nails are that area where I allow my teenage nostalgia to go nuts and it’s rare I haven’t got a bright colour on them! Every now and then I go that little step further and do a little nail art too, just ’cause…. well, JUST ‘CAUSE!

This time it was thanks to the fact I was jetting off on my hols, and I wanted to do something a little bit extra to celebrate. I mean, we all like to look our best on holiday, right? I say that, but I probably look my worst on holiday, because I rarely wear make up, wash my hair or limit my calorie intake…. Still, I FEEL my best when I’m on holiday, and I wanted my nails in keeping with that!

I must have been feeling full of girlish glee when I was deciding what shade I wanted to wear for the week as I selected this rather lovely pink shade by Nails Inc (I’d love to tell you exactly what shade it is, but I’m pretty sure it probably came free with Glamour Magazine years ago ’cause I’m classy like that!!) and it was only as I was adding the top coat that I spotted it almost perfectly matched the shade of one of my all time favourite Lindy Bop Audrey dresses (last seen here). It suddenly made me sad that the frock hadn’t made the cut when I packed my suitcase (purely because I had so many new ones to take with me!) so I decided to pay homage to it by adding some white polka dots! I used a handy nail art pen to do mine, but you can get the same effect by painting a pin head (if you can be bothered, of course…)

I’d love to say that I only did the effect on certain nails on purpose, but honestly it was because I liked it enough to want more of it, but was definitely too lazy to do the whole hand! That and the fact that my left handed skills are atrocious so  thought it would be better if I didn’t attempt too much when painting my right hand – that is also the reason why only the left hand is visible in these photos! I guess there is a reason why most self respecting people go to the salon to get these things done! Anyway, I absolutely loved the look and will definitely be doing it again (when I summon some energy), and with the help of my trusty Essence Gel Top Coat, it lasted all holiday long!

Polka Dot Nails 1Polka Dot Nails 3

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