Outfit: Hot Pink

Hot Pink 1

My last outfit post was very much a casual affair. I mean, it couldn’t really be more casual – I didn’t wash my hair, put on makeup or even bother with underwear. Yeah. It was THAT casual. As casual as you can be in a dress, anyway. So I thought today I’d go with something completely the opposite…

I don’t get dressed up all that often. Ok, when you have picked yourself up off the floor from laughing, hear me out… I know I am usually the most overdressed person in the room. But I’m normally over dressed in a, ‘You look nice, are you going for afternoon tea??’ kind of way rather than a ‘WOW! LOOK AT YOU!’ kind of way. I wear dresses and skirts far more than trousers or jeans and my love of heels is well documented, so I am in no way suggesting I am the Queen of casual or anything – quite the opposite, in fact. I guess what I’m trying to say is that while my look is certainly not laid back, I think it tends to say ‘smart’, ‘feminine’ or ‘put together’ rather than glamourous.

It may be in part because as much as I love clothes and looking pretty, I also have an innate aversion to feeling like I’m drawing attention to myself, so my choices tend to err on the side of ‘demure’ (I hate that word, much like I do ‘modest’, because I think it compounds the idea that women need to cover up and behave like nuns whereas I think they should wear what they damn well please, but I couldn’t think of a better word…)

This dress is not particularly demure. Sure, it has a conservative enough hemline, but it’s pretty low cut, clings to all the bits I’d normally have under wraps and – to to it off – is the brightest of bright shocking pink! It is a dress which ver much invites people to look at you, which normally would be the opposite of what I’d choose. There is something about being on holiday though that makes all of that seem irrelevant. Your skin is clear and tanned, your hair is soft and shiny, you just don’t care that you’re carrying a bit of a holiday tum… Being on holiday just somehow makes you feel confident enough to wear things you wouldn’t usually wear, and since that resulted in me wearing this rather gorgeous dress, I think I need to find a way of having that holiday confidence all year round!

Hot Pink 2Hot Pink 6Hot Pink 8Hot Pink 3Hot Pink 11Hot Pink 12Hot Pink 5Hot Pink 4Hot Pink 7Hot Pink 10Hot Pink 9

Or I could just go on more holidays, one or the other….



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14 thoughts on “Outfit: Hot Pink

  1. Hi Steph , this dress is sensational on you!! yes it is that good, I love the cut , length and floral print and you wear it with confidence . such nice wedges to go with it and the tassled earrings are a cute finishing touch . Hugs, Terri xo.

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