Fantasy Friday – Needle & Thread Layered Lace Dress

I’ve been lusting after pastels a lot lately. I’ve been wearing them a lot lately, in case you hadn’t noticed! It’s the same every year – as soon as the sun comes out I start wanting to wear ice cream colours all day long! Doesn’t everyone??

So when I headed over to Needle & Thread for a little sneaky peek (I saw they had a sale on and thought, ooooh, maybe I could actually afford something….. Ha ha ha ha…..) I was fully expecting to fall in love with something. I always do to be fair – nobody does romantic tulle and intricate embroidery quite like them, after all. But I was expecting to fall in love with something sweetly pastel coloured and summery, because that seems to be all I’m interested in lately.

Instead though, I fell in love with this:

Needle Thread Layered Dress
Layered Lace Dress, Needle & Thread, £345

Not that you couldn’t wear this in the summer of course. In fact, it would be ideal for a sultry summer evenings sipping sundowners somewhere fancy. But still, that lovely deep burgundy shade is one that I’ve always associated with winter, so I was surprised this was the frock that stood out to me the most. While it still has all the hallmarks of a Needle & Thread dress – dreamy lace layers and oodles of tiny embroidered flowers – but this one has a little bit of a gothic edge, and I have to say, I’m loving it!

Still, probably not going to stop wearing pastels just yet….



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