Fantasy Friday – Valentino Garavani Velvet Sandals

Well, things are still decidedly tropical here in the UK at the moment, meaning most of us are wearing as little as possible in an attempt to keep cool! That doesn’t stop my wandering eye from admiring all the pretty clothes out there though, even if I would prefer to be sat in a paddling pool in my vest and pants right now….. Time is whizzing by at an alarming rate – the shops are already starting to fill with all things Autumnal which honestly makes my head spin! Still though, despite finding it hard to imagine a time where it in’t 30 plus degrees, my Fantasy Friday pick this week is rather Christmassy!

Valentino Red Velvet
Valentino Garavani Sandals, £374 c/o

As much as I love the sunshine, I’d quite happily fast forward to the festive season if I knew I’d be finding a pair of these under my tree! Something about red velvet always says Christmas to me, and of course that stunning bow almost looks like a beautifully wrapped gift, but let’s face it, shoes this beautiful and this classic would be a welcome addition to any collection all year round. I think they’re just absolute perfection and am already trying to think up ways to make them mine!

They’re on sale right now which is probably exciting news to some, sadly they are still way beyond my price range so though. I shall have stick to flip flops for now,  but at least there is still plenty of the year left for me to prove to Santa that I’ve been a good girl, so who knows? Maybe he will bring them for me for Crimbo!

If not, at least we still have the sunshine….



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