July Lust Haves

Well, I didn’t think it was possible, but I haven’t been lusting after all that much this month. I’d love to say it’s because I’m an adult and know that there is more to life than shoes and dresses, but honestly? It’s not. It’s actually mainly because the shops have all started to fill up with Autumn Winter clothes and to be frank I just can’t deal with that shiz right now. I know it’s just the nature of fashion, but I just can’t make myself care enough to think that far in advance when it comes to my clothes. Right now it’s hella hot, and all I can think about wearing is sundresses and sandals. The thought of putting a jumper on right now is making my head spin, so the fact that everything on the high street is looking decidedly dark and snuggly has put me right off.

Well, not right off. Obviously there are still one or two things that have caught my eye. I’m only human…..

Like these:

July 18 Lust 1
Check Block Heels, River Island, £40

Now aren’t these just the perfect antidote to all the black and grey that has started to trickle in? Can’t really get much more colourful that these bad boys, right? Now, these aren’t normally the kind of shoe I go for – I’m more of a slim heeled stiletto kinda gal. But I do love gingham. And I am craving colour right now, soooooo…… sounds like a no brainer to me!

This rather darling H&M frock is also managing to keep the Winter blues away:

July 18 Lust 2
Broderie Anglais Dress, H&M, £69.99

White and blue together is one of my favourite combos for Summer, and that pretty embroidery is giving me heart palpitations! It’s an absolute stunner for sure, though at just under £70 it’s unlikely I can find reason to buy it any time soon. BOOOOOOOOO!

Similarly, I have no real cause to buy this one:

July 18 Lust 3.jpg
Ditsy Bardot Dress, Oasis, £45

It’s bloody cute though, isn’t it? I mean, I’m not sure Oasis have ever produced a little printed dress that I didn’t want to buy. There are oodles in store right now that I’d happily own, but this one in particular is testing my will power. I’m not sure exactly what it is that makes this one that little bit more tempting, but I suspect it might be that bardot neckline, which is (remarkably) lacking somewhat in my wardrobe. I reeeeeally want it, but I don’t really have any room left in my wardrobe and I know that even though temperatures are currently soaring, it’s almost August, and that means it will be Christmas before we know it, making opportunities to wear off the shoulder dresses few and far between. Dammit. Still. I really don’t own many bardot dresses….

Excuse me while I just look for things to get rid of…..



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